Britain is well advised to EXIT!

No +Herr Schmidt, I am afraid your analysis is not correct. Here is why and how: The European Parliament is parliament only in name, not in substance, even if elected with the proportional method, which might be considered a trick to deceive. In reality it has no legislative powers, it is only a consultative organ. The legislative power in the EU belongs to the Council, which is made up of people nominated by the member states. So, if one re-arranges the elements of this equation, it becomes clear that institutionally and by design the EU serves the governments  of the member states to bypass their national parliaments and bring in legislation from the Council, which the national parliaments have to rubber stamp and pass. Some 96% of the new laws enter the books this way, effectively zeroing out democracy in Europe. Democracy has three legs, legislative, executive and the judiciary and they meant to be kept separate. If and when they are bought into one, it has a name and it's called totalitarianism. When governments and not national parliaments legislate in 96% of the cases, it is a totalitarian regime, which is sold to the Europeans with tricks like the abolition of borders, (who likes borders?), free travel, one currency, etc. The underlying reality however, is different and we might want to call it the Fourth Reich? So Britain is well advised to run and save its democracy still it can, before it's too late.

- This is a comment on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Brexit (HBO)
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DNA does not matter, our believes do!


We are what we believe in, not what our DNA says: First, because Avraham Avinu recruited us around an idea, not according to our origins. Second, because DNA concerns only the body, not the soul, which is of Divine origin in Judaism. Third, any one of any group can convert to Judaism and fourth, we are judged in the Heavenly Court according to our accomplishments, or lack of it, not according to our DNA. In short, it is kind of strange that WJC should publish something so radically removed from Torah. Or is it?

- This is a comment on https://www.facebook.com/sanctosis/videos/297706923902473
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Riskin, it is prohibited to listen to you, you charlatan!

The trouble is Riskin, that we have halacha, Jewish Law, and it is halacha that dictates how we should relate to idol worshipers, not your "feelings" of gratitude towards the evangelicals who came and keep coming, may they be cursed and ridiculed every step on their way! Your "inter-religious dialogue" with them should be one of curses and ridicule, until they renounce their man-god idol, accept Hashem and become Noahides. Not a second earlier should you praise them! You're done Riskin, it is prohibited to listen to you, a charlatan rabbi that you are!

- This is a comment on Rabbi Riskin's Real views (unedited/unspliced) on Jesus and Messianism HD
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Orlando attack on gays was sent by G-d on purpose

No one likes massacres and Muslim terrorist attacks on American night-clubs. What I honestly do not understand however is how any practicing gay person can sincerely hope and honestly believe that in some way he can and will survive a chosen behavior-pattern that is well known to be against G-d's Instruction to mankind? I mean I understand, they don't believe in G-d, because they don't see Him. G-d though is real and even if we don't see Him, we can see the effects of His being. Some would say, that this is not so, we are only in front of self-fulfilling prophecy. To these hard-core non-believers I say: Oh yeah, so how do you explain the fact that the Orlando attack clearly shows in a Torah code table, with precise details and exact date, Shavuot, the Jewish festival of the Giving of the Torah? It's a rhetoric question, no need to answer.

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