What Are You? A Soldier of the State or a Jew, a Soldier of Hashem?

B"H - In our times there is a difference between a soldier and a Jew: A soldier is someone, anyone, Jew or gentile, who swears allegiance to the secular, anti-Torah State of Israel. A Jew is something different: He sweares allegiance to Hashem, under the Mount in Sinai for all generations. The very fact that the IDF requires its soldiers to swear allegiance to the State's secular command-chain is ferocious and an intrinsically anti-Jewish act and all soldiers who accept it should be condemned in no uncertain terms for abandoning the original and true Jewish mission to be representatives of Hashem in this world. So, in this conjecture it is important to pray for our sons, members of Klal Israel, rather than for "our" soldiers, who essentially and per definition are traitors, sold out to the Zionist and anti-Torah State!

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Rickismom said...

I think that for you to judge so negatively people who even by your world view are mostly "tinok shenishbah"...people who are putting their lives on the line for their fellow Hews is the wrong emphasis. Now is the time for all frum Jews to daven for the safety of ALL Jews. THAT should gave been your emphasis.