Attack On Airport: Casus Belli? Why Not? Because They Are Cowards, That's Why!

B"H - Well said as usual, one cannot but agree: Amen! Let me comment by saying that last yom shlishi (friday) I went to the airport to pick up a friend flying in from the States. As I was waiting, at a certain point, around 15 to 11 the loudspeaker declared an alarm and the security personnel ushered the people to the shelters. All public areas and shops were closed for about 15-20 minutes. Now, what the regime calls Ben Gurion Airport and I call Rambam Airport is a pretty prestigious target and the fact that the State doesn't consider an attack on it casus belli, a reason for war, is an indication, a proof if you like, of the treasonous character of the State itself.

- This is a comment on The Dream Has Become Reality
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