Millions And Millions In Lost Wages To The Xtians!

 B"H - Maybe it is difficult to grasp, but I am not the subject matter here. The hundreds of xtians bought in to undercut our youths on their own job market is the problem and Shabbat goyim you bring up as an example are irrelevant as they do tasks and jobs we cannot do. Working the land, harvesting grapes on our farms here in Judea and Samaria on the other hand is the natural jobs source for our people and those who bring in foreigners to work for free are destroying our local job market and of course Mesika, our Governor and his cronies will be held responsible for this, comes election day. If you do the maths, 25 shekels per hour times 8 hrs per day times 25 working days a month times 3 months times 500 xtian slaves, that's a 7.5 million shekels loss only in direct wages. Add the second level losses to local businesses, the pizzas, beers, cokes and yes, baby-diapers not bought and we are easily at the 10 million loss mark and more for your glorious season! 10 million and you are worried about my character?! Com'on Medad, I'm sure you can do better than that!

- This is a comment on JewishIsrael's Waller War
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