"It's A Question Of Sovereignty!" - Some Rosh Hashana Thoughts

B"H - Rosh Hashana enlightened me: It's a question of sovereignty! In Judaism we have Hashem as King, in Zionism it is the State. Labor Zionism never meant to be Jewishly relevant, its aim was to resolve the "Jewish question" in 19th century Europe. Religious Zionism in a way is worse, because it does involve Hashem and thinks to serve Him by way of serving the State in particular and the Jewish People and the Land (some call it the Ground) in general. That's how the most absurd rulings, like allowing xtians in Bracha are made and justified: "It's good for the Jews" as if it had anything to do with it: In Torah, it has to be good for G-d, not to us! This is why I think RZ is Reform, because instead of changing society to fit Torah, it aims to change Torah to fit society.

Over the years the secular State reinforced its idol image by usurping Jewish symbols like the Magen David, that made a "talit" out of the flag of the State, the Menorah, that made the State's emblem a worshipable item in the eyes of many Jews, in some stage of their coming out from the galut and the Kookist dogma of declaring the State a "stage of redemption" gave the whole disgusting effort a holy glow, an all-encompassing icing on the rotten fruit cake, as it were.

In a nutshell, this is the analysis. So, what can I do with it, you may ask. Here bellow let me suggest some New Year Resolutions.


- a) Stop believing that you can "change the system from the inside" by running or by voting for kneset: It's the wrong game to be in.

- b) Stop thinking in terms of part-y politics. Political part-ies are as goyish as tattoos: We are told not to divide the nation and democracy per definition is divisive. It maybe good for the nations, but not for us: Reject it with conviction!

- c) Try to keep yourself as far removed from the State and from its "democratic process" as you possibly can. Q: "May I vote for a "Torah party?" A: Definitely Not! "Torah" and "Party" are oxymoron, meaning they are opposites, like oil and water, they don't go together.


- d) Internalize the authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic, authentic Jewish idea: "Hashem is King and we are here, in this world, to serve Him the prescribed way, not ourselves or other entities (like the State, the IDF, the kneset, etc.) in the way we see it fit, with added, silly prayers, with idol-worshipish gestures, like the standard military salute, etc.

- e)  Put on tefelin and get hi on it. Concentrate on and mean your davening. Cry out to Hashem and ask Him to give us our Jewish, Torah institutions on the Land:
 - Our Jewish King, to govern us according to his two Torah-scrolls;
 - The Cohen Gadol, to run G-d's House, built according to Ezekiel's prophesy on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem;
 - The Great Sanhedrin and just courts in every village, to oversee legal and administrative matters.
 These are the "checks and balances" we are told to strive for, instead of getting lost in the meaningless.

- f) Keep Shabat and influence people to keep Shabat.

- g) Cultivate a Havdala mentality: Separate between Jewish and goyish, good and evil, what is permitted and what is prohibited.

- h) Last but not at least, do your best to keep your children and your friends' children out of the army: "It's not just a defense force", as Rav. Shapiro says, "it's a melting pot, an indoctrination camp"! As it angers Hashem, it is actually counterproductive for our security to serve it.

Wishing you a good and successful New Year!


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