On The Anti-Jewishness Of The Israeli Establisment

B"H - It is in G-d's hands now, always was and always will be. We have control over ourselves only, over our free will, not over history, which is Hashem’s playground. I am afraid there are plenty of sins, individual and national, for which He may want to play this out against us G-d forbid. It's an old story and we never seem to learn. Even if we have our very own Levi Report on the legality of the "Settlements", it is securely locked up in some establishment office. So the question that begs to be answered is this: Why do we tolerate this anti-Jewish, anti-Torah establishment ruling us on the Land? One of the possible answers is: Because they brainwashed us into it. It seems that the Jewish people dance around this modern day Golden Calf in a collective trance, hypnotized by the Zionists.

- This is a comment on The U. S. Finds Israeli "Settlements" to be Illegitimate
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