What A Waste Of PPE

 - What a waste of PPE (Posting Power & Energy). Don't vote, don't put your hopes and aspirations in knesset, in a non-Torah institution on the Land! Don't forget, we voted for Hashem, for our G-d, under the Mount in Sinai and that we voted for Him for all generations! On this upcoming secular feast holiday let's remember that this secular State did not have a day of peace since its establishment on G-d's Holy Land, so let's show Hashem our love and our fear of Him and not of this State, of its knesset, of its supreme court or of its IDF and as promised, He will surely show us His appreciation by removing the enemies He puts up for us, to test us.

- This is talkback # 10 on Poll: Likud-Beiteinu down to 32 Knesset seats
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