On Appeasing Terrorists

- [Israeli Amb. to the UN] Prosor: "Every roadside bombing, every suicide attack, and every act of terrorism begins with words and thoughts of hate. It begins with Al Qaida websites that turn suicide bombers into Jihadi celebrities. It begins with Hezbollah summer camps that use arts and crafts to glorify martyrdom and teach bomb-making skills to children."

- ABY: No, I'm sorry Mr. Ambassador, but according to Muslim law Jihad gets activated by them seeing that they have a chance. Israeli and Western appeasement policies provoke terrorism, not hate. Hate is a given, we can't change that. We can only change our policies: The more  "peace" plans and humanitarian and political aid we offer them, the more aggressive they will get and it is really unfortunate that intelligent thinkers in decision-making positions can't or don't want to see their world-view and instead insist to go for the deadly, politically correct, Oslo narrative. Please see this Dry Bones cartoon on the subject-matter.

- This is a feedback on Statement by Amb Prosor at UN Security Council Debate on Counter-terrorism
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