Why no one says we are being punished? Why is there so much arrogance?


- Wouldn't it be better also to THINK about why Hashem may withhold His rain from us and CORRECT our ways? The day there was a little demonstration against the building freeze in Yehuda ve Shomron in the morning, it rained in the afternoon.

- This is talkback # 6 on Driest November Since '62 Unites Secular & Religious in Prayer
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What's in a name?


- This christian wolf, German president Christian Wulff, is pushing for a "palestinian state" in Eretz Israel, telling us that it is good for our security. Right, just like the deportation of the Gaza Jews was bringing us peace and security.

- This is talkback # 1 on 'Israel, Germany share special connection'

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Re: #16 The Case For a Jewish Israel


- You invite us to go and read the Declaration of Independence. OK. Please note that even if it was mainly done by socialists, there are no words like "democracy" or "democratic" in there. Yet the "book", read the Torah, is mentioned. So, this is one: Israel, the State, not the people who live here, SHOULD have a Jewish character. Two, the word "democracy" is a Greek word, "demos" meaning people and "cratos" meaning power: people's power. Now, Judaism is not about people's power, quite the opposite, it's about people submitting themselves to the power of Hashem, our G-d. With other words one could say that Judaism is "Hashem-cratic", and not demo-cratic. As you can see, these two are objectively conflicting systems, as far as the flow of authority is concerned. By the way, at the upcoming Hanukah holiday we celebrate the victory of Hashem-cracy over the Hellenists' demo-cracy. I could go on and on, but let me just ask you here, why don't you take out your anger let's say on the Vatican - not a very democratic place, reserved for xtians only, or on Saudi Arabia, idem for Muslims only. Why don't you pretend democracy and modernity in these places? Why do you have a problem only with us, Jews, having a place for ourselves, where we can play according to our Book? Why is this most holy of places, Eretz Israel, has to be run according to foreign principles and practices, like Italy, France, Germany or Poland? Are we Italians, French, German, Polish or Jews? Wouldn't it be fair and [even] "democratic" to give the Jews, not more, but the same rights other nations enjoy all over the world?

- This is talkback # 21 on The Jewish identity

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Softly, but well said


- Incredible as it may sound, to voice basic and fundamental truths about Judaism like this, one needs courage and a certain dose of self-censorship in Israel today: a sign that the leftist secular elite totally disfigured this country over the years.

- This is talkback # 4 on The Jewish identity

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- "Rabbi" Yuval Sherlo is a discredited figure in the Jewish world and the fact that Ynet's "Jewish World" quotes him - discredits the editors too. You cannot sell for Torah what Torah is not.

- These are talkbacks # 4 and # 16 on Rabbi okays renting apartments to Arabs

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Hendel's "larger picture"


- If the "palestinians" and their American friends, president Hussein Obama pushed for a freeze, say on the sale of alcoholic beverages in the Tel Aviv area, according muslim law, in exchange for a rich bribe, would you still go for it? Would you? That's precisely the point: Of what you and what we as a nation, consider our way of life and national purpose. The secular approach contends with survival, with life for life's sake. The Jewish approach wants to fulfill a purpose in and with life, a somewhat elusive sanctification of G-d's name. This is the difference. Freezing Jewish only building anywhere or stopping the sale of alcohol, to appease the muslim, would clearly be a desecration of G-d's name, therefore not to be done by any Jew ever. The other side of the coin is that should the State of Israel freeze Jewish only building in Judea-Samaria or should it order to stop the sale of alcohol in T.A., it would indicate that the character of the State is not Jewish, but muslim. The “larger picture” is this, Hendel, not the value of the bribe. The bribe is only there, if it is there, to separate us from our core Jewish values.

- This is talkback # 9 on Settlers should be smarter

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And What About Jewish Rights?!


- On Jewish rights and religious freedom in Israel

This is the view from my bedroom window in Kfar Tapuah. The desolate white shed under the little water tower is the Tapuah West Shul, the synagogue where I pray. Yes, I am a Jew and what is even worst, dear world, I live in the biblical Land of Israel of our forefathers. A place that you prefer to call by its Jordanian occupation name even if it was liberated more than 40 years ago: the “West Bank”.

This is one of the bookshelves for the holy books, opposite the entrance

This is the view from my seat of the Aron, the cabinet where our Torah scroll is placed, the Bima, the table where we read it and another bookshelf in the corner for other holy Jewish books.

This area, Judea and Samaria is presently ruled over by the IDF’s Civil Administration and they thought well to serve a demolition order on the little white shul where I pray.

The demolition order

This is not the first time the IDF acts this way and to my mind this document alone proves that the IDF is not a Jewish army and that the character of the State of Israel is not Jewish: Jews would not even think of, let alone threaten the destruction of a synagogue, even if it was put up without a civilian or military permit. The Jews, you see, don’t need authorization from arrogant and hostile humans who think they are kings: We have a long standing authorization from the highest of authorities, from The One King of kings, from our G-d, Hashem, blessed is He.

What use is there for a so called Jewish state, if it can not or would not shield its Jews against international anti-Semitism? Wouldn’t we be better off in a Poland or in a Germany, where governments actually restructure and renovate old synagogues?

This brings me to a final thought on this, to the question of religious freedom in Israel. “.. A fundamental human right, an essential element to any stable, peaceful and striving society” even according to a non particularly friendly politician to the Jewish people, Hillary Clinton. What religious freedom a Jew like me enjoys in Israel today, with a demolition order hanging over the shul where he prays?

I’m asking you to please help save our Tapuah West Synagogue and with it, our Jewish way of life and Jewish values here. You can make a difference by Sharing this note and by phoning up some of these ministers below and telling them not to allow the destruction of any more Jewish buildings, especially shuls: a Chilul Hashem, a desecration of G-d's Name, for crying out loud!

משה כחלון M. Cachlon 050-6845584 * יולי אדלשטיין Yuli Edelstein 050-3334298
גלעד ארדן Gilad Erdan 050-5936500 * משה בוגי יעלון Bogy Yaelon 0505313133 050-6625555
גדעון סער Gideon Saar 050-6343111 * יוסי פלד Yossi Peled 0525003060;
יובל שטייניץ Yuval Steinitz 052-3853280 * סילבן שלום 0506208500 Silvan Shalom
ד"ר בני בגין 0506234538 Benny Begin * ישראל כץ 0506233939 Israel Katz
עוזי לנדאו Uzi Landau 054-2424454 * סופה לנדבר Sofa Landver 050-4357060
אביגדור ליברמן 0548000333 506203006 Avigdor Liberman
פרופ' דניאל הרשקוביץ 0506202119 Daniel Hershkowitz
יעקב מרגי 0504963737 Yakov Margi * אלי ישי Eli Yishai 0545444444 0506240933 050-6240925
אריאל אטיאס Ariel Atias 0549900011 * לימור לבנת Limor Livnat 0505200050
סטס מיסזניקוב Stas Miszanikov 0503833776 * יצחק אהרונוביץ Yizhak Aharonovich 0505603158
משולם נהרי Meshulam Nahary 0507440120

If you call from outside of Israel, please substitute the initial zero with 972, Israel's international code. Thank you.

- This is a censored comment on US State Dept: Israel Similar to Iran, Iraq and Sudan and a censured talkback on Settlers to hold mass rally Sunday

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The Netanyahu government


- If an Israeli government is unable or unwilling to protect the Jews against international anti-Semitism, and a building freeze request for Jews only is just that, than it fails in one of its most important duties and should be immediately replaced with one that can.

- This is talkback # 22 on Netanyahu: US proposal not final and a comment on Nowhere

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With the difference


- With the difference that in Israel it doesn't matter how people vote. Prime ministers and successive governments have shown they have no problem whatsoever in executing their rivals' programs. See Begin, who gave away the Sinai, Sharon who did what Mitzna promised, Bibi who gave away Hevron, Dayan who handed over the key of the Temple Mount to Judaism arch-enemies and so on and so forth. Bunch of evil clowns with zero Jewish consciousness. Is the Yesh council any different? Where is the "a" for Azza eh, Mintz? See http://thetorahrevolution.blogspot.com/2010/01/wallerstein-traitor-amongst-traitors.html

- This is talkback # 15 on The price of arrogance

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On Eldan: We Want Jewish Looking, Jewish Thinking Diplomats


- "Eldan's face was the first to greet hundreds of presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers and senior diplomats upon arrival to Israel."
- We Want Jewish Looking, Jewish Thinking Diplomats, not these goy looking erev rav. Besides, how does Eldan know the African ambassador stopped beating his wife? Maybe he beat her up so badly for going to the police that she never dared to do it again.

- This is talkback # 1 on Master of diplomacy

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What a screwed up Orwellian language!


- There is no "Israeli-Palestinian dispute" that can be resolved. There is a massive block of Muslim rejection of anything non Muslim, called Jihad, and the Arab-Israeli conflict is just one aspect of it, specific in space and in time.

- This is talkback # 11 on Obama: Peace talks face enormous obstacles

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On the state of the State of Israel


- I wonder what makes you think that the State of Israel is either Jewish or democratic. I think it's neither. I think it's a Golden Calf State and an erev rav oligarchy. The sorry fact is that the Jews don't have a state today and that we are in such a state of national and individual confusion that we don't even realize it.

- This is a comment on Balancing Act

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Anoher anti-Jewish act


- Sealing off the El Matan synagogue is an anti-Jewish act and it proves once more that the State of Israel is not a Jewish entity, or if it is, it is in the hands of halachicly evil Jews.

- This is a censored talkback on Agreement: Settlers to seal El Matan synagogue

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Rabbi Lemming is back from India!


- Dear Rabbi Lemmings, Welcome back from India, I missed you so much! I heard (only!) the introduction to the Havdalah song of Ms. Caron Dale and I must say her revolutionary understanding of the Havdalah concept deeply moved me and I think you have a lot in common with her and maybe you would want to consider contacting her for future possible collaboration.

With love of the real Jewish idea of peace and harmony uber alles jaaa

Ariel Ben Yochanan
(Please call me, I'm ready to do anything necessary for Peace)..(ah, and for Harmony)

- This is a comment on Dancing Cousins - The Rabbi Lemming Radio Show - My Return From India (audio)

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The Next Round


- If "the next round will be much bigger, much wider in scope and with many more casualties", as Yadin predicts, than past and present politicians in charge of the country, including the coffee-sipping Livni, should be held responsible for their carelessness, because it is them who allowed the gradual worsening of the situation by the premature signing of UN sponsored ceasefire deals. That Iran is allowed to accumulate enough nuclear material for a bomb is outright criminal and shows the inadequacy of this whole, knesset-based, ruling elite. One gets the impression that with Torah Law and with Torah institutions in place, as opposed to the present Hellenistic ones, Jews would be a lot safer in Eretz Israel.

- This is talkback # 19 on Intelligence chief: Don't be fooled by calm

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