Go Well Together


The UN in general and the UNESCO in particular are known opponents to Israel and to the Judean Kingdom too, so Mr. Farouk Hosni and these anti-Jewish orgs go well together. The Democratic Republic of Israel should suspend every participation in and all collaboration with these orgs and the nascent Judean Kingdom is not seeking their help, assistance or approval either: Ban Ki-moon is not mightier than Hashem, our G-d, King of the universe.

- This is a talkback on "Egyptian culture minister apologizes for anti-Israel slur"

For quite sometime now


For quite sometime now I'm saying that Israel should be a Jewish State and not a "democratic" one. That knesset is not a Torah institution. That Jews shouldn't vote and [that they should] strive for Jewish institutions like the Beit Hamigdash on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the King, the Sanhedrin and courts of law in every village. If these statements are criminalized it means that Orlev and his knesset pals criminalize Torah. It means that they are signing their death warrants as Torah will prevail!

- This is talkback # 12 on "MKs support arrest over denial of Israel's existence"


Re: to author & to talkbackers


One solution you all overlook: Hashem's Peace Plan for the Jews also know as the Torah. We don't have to invent the hot water here. We are the only nation in the world that has the Torah and thus knows EXACTLY what to do and how. Here are the major points: Am Israel should be on the Land of Israel and should possess it fully. Not only parts of it, partially. All of it and completely. This means two major diferences respect of the current situation: no hostile Arabs living in Israel and no hostile Arabs living in Judea and Shomron. Then, there is the institutional question. Instead of the "democratic" system we've learned from the nations, we should have our Jewish institutions: the Beit Hamigdash on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, our King, our Sanhedrin and our judges in every village. Of course we deem these things “unrealistic” today and we are not doing any of them and we even have the chutzpah to get upset every time something goes wrong and bad things happen to us. Elections may be good for the Americans, for the nations, but knesset is not a Torah institution and we are also told not to get divided. Therefore it is no wonder this system doesn't work for us at all. It can not. It wasn't meant for us! As long as we refuse to be Jews, on the national level as well as individually, we’ll always have problems and tragedies. On the other hand, if we did what is required from us, we’d have peace and prosperity.

- This is talkback # 15 on "The American mistake"

not just yet


- Stanton: "Ten years ago, if someone said I was going to be a rabbi, I would have laughed"

- ABY: Stanton, for Jews and for Judaism you are not going to be a rabbi. You are not even a Jew yet. You may be taking the post of a so-called rabbi in a so-called "Jewish" congregation that does not follow halacha, Jewish Law.

- This is talkback # 10 on "US: First African-American woman to be ordained as rabbi"


Ringing bells


Forcefully removing Jews from their homes in name of the law. Does it ring a bell?

- This is talkback # 14 on "'Delimitation orders' issued for 9 outposts"

in 30 years


In the next thirty years Europe will be a Muslim majority zone and the US tuday is presided by a partially Muslim educated with elements of anti-Jewish sentiments in his background. Why is Livni and the opposition insist on licking their boots instead of efficiently resisting them is a mistery to me. Maybe because it is, per definition, not Jewish.

- This is talkback # 3 on "Livni sees 'signs of diplomatic collapse'"

Why welfare minister Herzog is talking about foreign policy?


Why is it that welfare minister Herzog talks to ynet about foreign policy matters? If every minister is minister of everything, why ministries called "welfare ministry" and "defense ministry" and so on? Wouldn't it be a lot more interesting if welfare minister Herzog talked to ynet and thus to the people - about welfare? Why does the press tolerate this misuse of power and start to call these ministers "Everything minister Barak" and “Everything minister Herzog", in presence of these peacock ministers who give the impression that they couldn't care less about their own duties?

- This is talkback # 8 on "Herzog: Clinton remarks on settlements warning sign"

Barak, grow up and quick. Please!


Barak, in the cabinet you have a position and with it comes a specific and for your luck well publicized responsibility: the defense of Israel.

Our supposedly “Jewish” country is exposed to more and greater dangers than ever, from our enemies outside and from our enemies inside. Yet it seems that instead of concentrating on your duty, on the defense of the country, you are misusing your power and you are misusing the IDF to harass the Jews living in containers in the desert and you throw them out of houses they bought up in contested areas. You don’t harass Arabs. Only Jews.

It would be reassuring Barak for the people of Israel if in your highly paid and by now lowly respected job you could focus on what you are paid for, on YOUR JOB, only on your job and on nothing else but on your job and not on the responsibilities of other ministers. National policy matter declarations should not come from the mouth of the defense minister but from the desk of the Prime Minister: with your "prima-donna" attitude and busy-body style behavior (and let me recall, with your terrible, terrible track- record) you are only proving yourself to be a peacock politician in the eyes of the nation.

What would be proper for you to talk about and interesting for us to listen to is how your ministry is going to deal, for example, with a non conventional dirty bomb coming in on let’s say Ramat Gan, G-d forbid, on Thursday morning at rush-hour. The IAF just finished a three days exercise flying over our heads. Wouldn’t be it proper for you to tell us how did it go? Did it work, again as an example, against the joint incoming NATO-Russian forces from the North (the Gog war scenario)?

In our lifetime, in the next 30 years Europe will be a Muslim-majority block and America right now has a semi-Muslim educated president, with elements of an anti-Jewish background. Barak, grow up and quick. Please! Incoming missiles don’t distinguish between political left and right.

- This is talkback # 8 on "Barak: US demand on settlement expansion makes no sense"


Re: # 3 What you are saying is irrelevant


I am no fan of the "Yesha council". However, Judaism has nothing to do with "democracy" and elections. These are Hellenistic concepts per definition and an alien culture for us. It says "Do not be a follower of the majority for evil" (Exodus 23:2). Jewish leaders become leaders by divine intervention and because the people accept them. This acceptation does not have to be formal, it can very well be informal. Weiss is a good Jewish woman and Struck is outright excellent.

- This is talkback # 7 on "Settler leaders vow to renew West Bank construction"

The "high court"


The "high court" is authorized to dispose of the Democratic Republic's money. What it cannot do is command people's respect for something that is not Jewish. The real joke about this is that these "judges” are sitting under a Menorah and writing their non-Jewish and anti-Jewish sentences on Menorah stamped stationary. This may tantamount of abuse and desecration of religious simbology. Technicly, just like spraying swastikas on tombstones in a Jewish cemetery.

- This is an unpublished talkback on "The High Court gods"




Maybe it is France that prejudicing the outcome of the Middle East peace process by declaring that Jerusalem would forever not be Israel's undivided capital.

- This is talkback # 11 on "France denounces Netanyahu's Jerusalem 'forever' vow"

The Prime Minister of Israel


I’m not his fan and I didn’t vote for him, but it is DISRESPECTFUL to call the Prime Minister of Israel: "Bibi". His mother or his wife may call him "Bibi" - at home, not the main stream press, especially in English. I doubt his friends and associates call him “Bibi”. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was duly elected to his position and even if the press-core does not like him, because he is not leftist enough, making fun of him and diminishing him and embarrassing him in public, at the final analysis, is not only un-Jewish, but it is spitting the public and the Israeli people and the country right in the face. After all, it is them who put the Prime Minister where he is.

- This is talkback # 2 on "Protestors urge Bibi to secure Shalit's release"

Confused Author [on "homophobia"]


Orwellian language: good is bad and bad is good, according to this author. Could you, Weizman, please tell me if the Torah classifies the homosexual act "an abomination" or not? Could you please tell me if Judaism is based on the observance of this Torah and on the observance of our tradition? If so, could you please say that showing public disrespect towards this Torah, toward the Jews, Judaism, Jewish Law and towards Jewish Tradition and Values is not an act of anti-Jewish defiance? I’m putting to you Weizman that you and your organized gay community is engaging in political anti-Jewish activity, the same way as Arab terror groups do, with the only difference that they are seeking to destroy us physically from the outside, whereas you are trying to destroy us morally by pitting our humanity against our Judaism, against our Jewish souls and our Jewish way of life. Your activity, Weizman, should be stopped by force if necessary as it is dangerous, because it is finalized to erode anything Jewish we have inside and replace it with the Hellenism of the nations we were specifically warned against.

- This is a talkback # 41 on "Homophobia alive and kicking"

What is obstacle to peace?


- Rafik Husseini, an aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas: "Israeli occupation of east Jerusalem is illegal and an Israeli attempt to keep control of east Jerusalem would be a "major obstacle to peace."

- ABY: Rafik Husseini, an aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, is a major obstacle to peace.

- This is talkback # 41 on "PM: Jerusalem will always be ours"


On homosexuality


There is confusion here. Recognizing what is what and distinguishing between good and evil was never so difficult. How can a seemingly bad act, a near-lynching in this case, be good and a good act, kissing and showing love and affection for another human being, be bad?

Well, the answer really is rather simple. What determines whether an act is good or evil is never the act itself. Rather, its motivation and its consequence, its relation to Torah: if a deed is for Torah, it's a Kiddush Hashem (good act). If it is against the Torah, it is chilul Hashem (evil act).

As for the Torah, homosexuality is an abomination, therefore stopping a public exhibition of it is a Kiddush Hashem, a sanctification of G-d's name, even if the act itself seems to be hateful on the surface. Let's not forget that hating evil is a mitzvah, a commandment and not hating evil is a chilul Hashem. Killing a Nazi is a good act, whereas the Nazi killing a Jew is an evil act.

So, in this case, a definite Jewish thumb up for the attackers who stopped their car in order to stop a public exhibition of an abomination in G-d’ eyes and a Jewish thumb down to the kissers: loving a man as if he was a woman is forbidden, all the more so in public and all the much more so in the Land of Israel, on our (meant-to-be) Holy Land.

Is this the civil law in Israel? No, but whenever there is a conflict between civil law and halacha, Jewish Law, there will always be violence. Why? Because we are not allowed to pick and chose between the mitzvot we like and those we don't. All mitzvot are binding and Jews fought to death for them for centuries.

It seems that the present secular regime established on the Land of Israel is pushing the gay issue and pits it against the Jews as an obvious "human rights" offensive.

Well, here is the wake-up call: Jews are not meant to be defenders of “human rights”. Adam also had his human right to eat the apple. Jews are to defend The Kingship of Hashem in this world, Jewish rights, an altogether different concept.

It is precisely the reason why we are hated throughout our history and in the exile: we give the world the whole idea of morality, including forbidden sexual relations. It is our Jewish right to have an island in the world for ourselves based on our ideas: Eretz Israel is a Jewish right, not a human right. If you look at this case closely, the real anti-Semites here are the kissers. Why? Because they show public disrespect to the Jews, to Jewish sensibility, to Jewish Law and to the Jewish Land.

These kissers are comparable to suicide bombers. The suicide bomber seeks to kill us from the outside. The proud public gays are intent to kill our Judaism that is inside us, so that we become a modern thing, a “new Jew”, who is without history and without tradition and without a specific Land. A “citizen of the world” in a modern “country of its citizens”. So, here is the warning: “Attention, this is an anti-Jewish political design!"

- This is an unpublished talkback on "2 men attacked while kissing on Tel Aviv street"

Haber, you are in trouble, not "we"


Haber, you are in trouble, not "we". In trouble are those of you who think "we" need America. The truth is that America needs "us", because "we" are G-d's chosen people and not them.

- This is talkback # 7 on "We're in trouble"




Maybe Barack H. Obama promised J.em to the Arabs, Ali Waked, but the G-d of Israel promised it to the Jews. Sorry, you bet on the wrong horse.

- This is talkback # 3 on "Palestinians say were promised Jerusalem"

Barak vows to fight [Jewish] outposts


This superhero, Barak, has an interesting set of priorities for the so called Jewish state and for the so called Jewish army. Instead of fighting illegal Arab construction in what seculars call in Israel proper, in the Galilee for example, he chooses to fight the Jews occupying Eretz Israel. Even if the State of Israel in general and the IDF in particular were not established, financed and manned for this purpose: they meant to protect the Jews against their enemies after 2000 years of persecution. So, what happened here? - you might ask. My guess is that this Jewish State project got hijacked at some point by anti-Jewish elements. What can the Jews do to get their country back at this point? Just pray? Will the democratic process suffice?

- This is talkback # 15 on "Yesha heads, Barak meet on settlement construction"


Good but insufficient


The points that Rabbi Lopiansky mentions are good ones but they are not sufficient in my view. Why? Because Torah economy differs dramatically from Western capitalism. Western capitalism is based on debt money-supply at an interest. It also assumes that needs are always higher than supply. In contrast, Jewish Torah economy is different. It assumes that Hashem provides the necessary and the money-supply is not debt based. Furthermore, there are cyclical correctives, the Shmitah Year and the Jubilee Year. These correctives change the very essence of property-valuation, in as much as the land and (nearly) everything else is Hashem''s and the property price decreases with time, just like our present day options time-values decrease in time. So, the correct and short answer is no, an economic crisis like the present one in a Jewish economy could not have occurred. Also because the very idea of a limited corporation is illegal under Jewish Law: we are responsible for our debts under halacha.

- Tis is comment # 3 on "Selling Dreams"


There is a problem with this column


The problem with this column is that it's given over to the Schechter Institute, a politicized "Rabbinical" Seminary with an agenda. Its mission statement on its home page states: "..the Schechter Institutes is to help fashion an Israeli society and a Jewish world secure in its Jewish roots and strong in its democratic values". Hm, "Jewish roots and democratic values"? This is not Judaism! Ladies and Gentleman, this is assimilation: The welcoming photos on their site show smiling women with uncovered hair, wearing tzitzit and participating in mixed learning! This is why and this is how it could happen that the comment on this week's parsha TOTALLY ignores Behukotai, a most important warning issued by Hashem to the Jewish people, to follow all His instruction, something the so called conservative movement does not like and does not do: Instead of accepting halacha, Jewish Law, on themselves, they go by the democratic value of doing whatever people want. Again, this is outside of Judaism and sould not be sold as such in a column denominated "Weekly Torah Portion", under "Jewish World". As what is there is precisely an un-Jewish world.

- This is talkback # 1 on "Weekly Torah portion: Behar-Behukotai"

Hatib is right


- Kamal Hatib: "wars and conflicts are not won with F-16 planes and Merkava tanks'
- ABY: you're right, Hashem wins them for the Jews

- This is talkback # 43 on "Islamic Movement: Zionist sun will set"

Hatib is right


- Kamal Hatib: "wars and conflicts are not won with F-16 planes and Merkava tanks'
- ABY: you're right, Hashem wins them for the Jews

- This is talkback # 43 on "Islamic Movement: Zionist sun will set"

Evidently desecrating Shabbat is not such a good idea


-This is talkback # 1 on "Light plane hits high voltage wire; 2 hurt"


Five Questions


1.) As far as I know the "Quartet" is not a legally constituted institution. Does it mean that Blair draws four salaries, one from each of the participants? How much he makes and whom he pays his taxes to?

2.) Who pays for his office and staff (if any)?

3.) Is there anything else the “Quartet” focuses on other then telling Israel what to do and how?

4.) If the "Quartet" includes the US, EU, Russia and the UN, why does the US sees it fit to send its own special envoy Mitchell to J.em?

5.) Mitchell operates in competition with Blair or in cooperation?

- This is talkback # 14 on "Blair: Chance for peace must be seized now"


Urgent Warning: Doctored Poll


It is clear that this poll is doctored. The results very much depend on wording and "two state solution" is sterile and sounds beautiful. Nevertheless it is orwellian language, coined by public relations experts. First of all it contains the word "solution" and we all want solutions to our problems, aren’t we? Especially we want to “resolve” the PA problem. Then it contains the word "state" and we all associate "state" with security and strength. "Two" is double the wished for security and double the imaginary strength. That one of the proposed states aims to be a nazi style Judenrhein, “free” of Jews, is not mentioned. What this terminology does not say is the forced deportation and ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea and Samaria on a massive, WWII-like scale, guaranteed resistance, possible civil war and a breakdown of Israeli society for generations: the end of Israel as we know it. What the two state solution expression doesn't say is kassams and grads and who knows whats falling on the whole length of coast-line, from Ashdod to Haifa on a daily basis, as we've already seen in the Gaza-belt. Children peeing in bed and underperforming in school, empty incoming ElAl planes falling on the Ben Gurion tarmac. So, Israel would be forced into a series of cast-lead type operations, exasperating international relations and further enstrangering the comfortably-living diaspora. Forget about Aliyah, waves of emigration would follow at a panic rate. All in all, the “two states solution” is a good and indeed secure recipe for Israel's complete and final destruction within five years of implementation, G-d forbid.

- This is talkback # 5 on "Poll: 58% of Israeli Jews back two-state solution"

Advice to government rabbi Mr. Rosen


Dear Mr. Rosen, as a Jew you'd better learn Torah and halacha rather than waist your time with the study of the church and the changes within it. As I'm sure you are aware, there is specific halacha on idol worshipping and in Hilchot Avodat Kochavim V'Chukkot HaGoyim, the Rambam says: "Not to listen to anyone who prophesies in the name of a false god" (Halacha 20). So, - don't!

- This is talkback # 21 on "Rabbi Rosen: Claims against pope unfounded"

It is disturbing


It really is disturbing that the Kasztner affair is bought up again by those people who sold out 8000 Jews in Gush Katif and want still to sell out a lot more Jews in Judea and Samaria.

- This is talkback # 8 on "Private archive may help exonerate Kasztner"

Re: # 1 (On Kasztner)

Kasztner, the face of the man who sold out his fellow Hungarian Jews to the Germans


Maybe, but the numbers tell another story. There is an objective balance to his "sitting down with the enemy" (heroic): activity and driving in his mercedes car during the Shoa in Budapest: 1700 Jews saved, 400000 sold out and murdered only in Hungary, including my grandfather who was not on his very short and personal list, and other hundreds of thousands in Romania and in Transylvania and in Felvidek.. Trying to whitewash his crimes is a crime.

- This is talkback # 2 on "Redeeming Kasztner"

War Now on Peace Now!


Peace Now should be declaired an enemy agency for the damege it causes to Jews.

- This is talkback # 1 on "Court orders state to move forward with evacuating outposts"


Decision contradicts halacha, Jewish Law


Let's say NO to all extraditions of Jews to gentiles, irrespective of the crime. Let's say NO to a "supreme court" that applies non-Jewish law and anti-Jewish interpretation. Let's make Israel Jewish!

- This is talkback # 3 on "Court rejects Israeli's extradition appeal"

Thank you


A big "thank you" must go to Hornik for writing this and to ynetnews.com editors for publishing it. It is good to know that the free-fall of human-rights protection-levels when it comes to Jews bottoms out at [the mitzva of] "be fruitful and multiply". Once we established this basic standard, may we move on now and discuss the political future of Judea and Samaria? May we mention that these territories are part of biblical Ertetz Israel and could and should be given over to the 300.000, mostly religious and ideological Jews actually living there? May we say now that Torah-Jews, and not necessarily the Democratic Republic of Israel, have a national claim on the Land?

- This is talkback # 4 on "We'll keep having babies"

AISH Censors halacha


It is unacceptable that the editors of this column censor my comment. It only stated the halacha and G-d save us from yeshivot that put convenience before truth.

- This is a comment censored by aish.com on "Top 10 Questions for the Pope"




How can Jews still live there, in Austria, after all that happened? Come to live in Eretz Israel, live a proud Jewish life!

This is comment # 12 on "Austrian Hotel: No Jews Allowed"

Re: # 5 & 6 Use your heads please


Lisa, the status of xtians has long been debated between the Jews and your inviting David from Judea "to learn" seems to be rather arrogant on your part. In my very "civil" view, you should learn! Why? Because what you are saying is simply not true:

a.) Xtians ARE personally responsible for the misdeeds of the church against the Jews by the very fact that they have made a free choice decision at one point or another in their lives and they decided to undersign the church with its history. This is the meaning to choose to be xtians today. Now, you might argue that such choices in some countries are cultural and do not reflect the personal opinion of the individuals, but I would respond to you by asking "Can we accept the idea of unconscious masses?" The answer clearly is NO! In Judaism there is a principle of responsibility and our relationship with G-d depends on it.

b.) You insinuate that "calling xtians idol worshippers" is David's personal opinion. Well Lisa, it is not. This is the Jewish prospective on xtians and the fact that the State of Israel welcomes such a figurehead is an indicator of degradation of its political system and leaders: Jews, by their own Law, are not allowed to communicate with such an entity and if they do it's because they fear for the lives of Jews in xtian-controlled territories all over the world.

My answer to Muriel is that Jews are commanded to distinguish between good and evil and to hate evil is a mitzvah. Mixing good and evil and showing respect for evil is a chilul Hashem, a desecration of G-d's name. Also, pop’s calling (I don’t want to sin by writing down his name) for a seemingly sterile “two state solution” is unperceivable. Why? Because one of the “states” is a proposed judenrhein, an ethnic-cleansed of Jews area, an intrinsically third reich nazi concept. If implemented, it would cause the forced deportation of 250.000 Jews. How’s that for anti-Semitism?

- This is a censured talkback on "Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Israel"


Slipery slope


Bassi: "At that time people didn’t know what they wanted."

ABY: Yes they did Bassi. They wanted to be left alone and stay on and carry on with their simple lives as farmers, as grand part of them were vegetable farmers and you were collaborating with the government that acted like a capo.

If a country, any country, acted against even a single Jew the way you and your kind holding positions in the State of Israel did, and plan to do it again on a much larger scale, it would have been decried as racist and anti-Semitic as any policy designed to a hurt a single Jew is "anti-Semitic".

The seemingly harmless "two states solution" jingle is anti-Semitic for this reason alone, in as much as one of the two states means to be judenrhein (ethnic-cleansed of Jews). This historically and ideologically is a direct continuation of third reich nazi policy.

Giving up parts of Eretz Israel for anything that is not their own graves is unacceptable for the Jews, Bassi, and what you are saying here is a nonsense and a chillul Hashem, a desecration of G-d’s name. At least the capos coming out from Auschwitz had the courage to say that they did what they did because they wanted to survive. They didn't come to humiliate us by saying that the inmates destroyed under their supervision were not good enough, they didn't know what they wanted.

You are a disgrace to the Jews Bassi: you fail as a man and you fail as a Jew and you are helping the State you declare you love to fail on their Jews.

Please don’t let people get confused by your wearing a kippah: you manifestly have no connection whatsoever to Jewish values.

- this is an unpublished talkback on "Bassi: Evacuees failed to cooperate with State"


According to our Jewish Law


According to halacha, our Jewish Law, the pop (I don't want to sin by naming him) is an idol worshipper, the lesser of his crimes. Then he is an idol worshipper in public, an act of Chillul Hashem. Then he is a public istigator of idol worship in public, a crime that carries the death penalty. Whoever closes an eye and says nothing renders himself guilty of the same crimes. The fact that Israel welcomes such a figure appears to be an anti-Jewish act on the part of the State, an entity that more often then not shows itself as anti-Jewish.

- This is talkback # 33 on "Papal visit bad for us"


A thought on the pop's visit to Israel


I couldn't agree more with the "all due respect to Rabbi Lau" part of your post, only to find that, again, I couldn't agree more with you where you add your thoughts to his. So, what's going on? Is he right or you?

I think it may be worth while to point out that what we are in front of here is a pattern.

All too often we find fine minds making perfect analysis, only to end up using it to support a way out wrong conclusion. All too often we keep on supporting mitigated positions on our part, while our enemies carry on pushing with the full weight of their extremisms: in this way the balance always shifts to their part.

It is therefore the case to mention that the pop is first and foremost an idol worshipper, then he is a public idol worshipper, then he is a public instigator to idol worshipping and then he is a public coordinator to public idol worshipping, capital crimes according to halacha, our Jewish Law. What is worst is that by closing an eye, we render ourselves guilty of these very same crimes.

The good news is that the pop is not a guest of the Jews, but of the Democratic State of Israel, an entity hostile to Judaism's mitzvot and to Jewish values..

- This is a comment on "The Pope's Visit And The Final Solution"


British anti-Semitism alive and well


Just because Guzofsky's name appears in company of ruthless Jew-haters, including him on the list doesn't make it less anti-Semitic: Guzofsky never hurt a fly, is on the list for political, not for moral reasons. He only gives voice to a simple and divine peace plan, to a Torah concept the Brits don't like: Jews to the Land of Israel, the rest of the world to the nations. I'm sure Guzofsky will be happy to oblige and keep his feet out of Britain and let's invite other Jews to follow suit and declare it

- This is talkback # 11 on "UK publishes 'persona non grata' list"

Another slap in the face of Hashem


G-d has given us a simple peace plan: Land of Israel to the Jews, only to the Jews, the rest of the world to the nations. Those who call on nations other than on the Jews to establish themselves in Eretz Israel, in reality are seeking to slap G-d in the face and He won't like it. Promised.

This is talkback # 4 on "Report: Arabs drafting 'moderate' peace initiative"

Shock find: Netanyahu dividing Jerusalem




Religious parties? An abomination!


I accept your good intentions Asher [a "right wing party" affiliate]. Not your method. I had huge arguments on this with Eidelberg too, another new human "constitution" writer for the Jews in Eretz Israel.

What most Jews fail or don't want to understand is that we are a special, chosen people, to live on the special, chosen Land, doing special, chosen actions and refrain from others. These are called mitzvot and these are the actions that turn a Jew, any Jew, Jewish. I don't want your correct analysis to be used to power the wrong non, and therefore anti-Jewish, action. You are not alone, Feiglin and all the other democrats have the same problem:

The Torah action required from the Jews as a nation is to establish Torah institutions on the Land. Political parties and knesset are not Torah institutions, they are "democratic" ones and "democracy" has nothing Jewish to it as demos means people and cratos means power - in Greek, and because we are told to stay united. Besides, Jews are voted for Hashem and for His eternal Law under Mt. Sinai, for all generations. We are not suppose to support temporary man-made laws and law-makers, a.k.a tyrants. This is the mechanism of the Golden Calf. Democracy might be good for the nations but it is a huge sin for the Jews in as much as we recieve our Law from Hashem and the nations are not (yet). We should be teaching the perfection of our system to them, instead of letting them teach their evil ways to us.

We celebrate our victory over the Hellenists every year, on Hanuka. Please don't tell me that you are one of them. Let me put it this way: even if your new humans-written “constitution” of the Jews in Eretz Israel was as brilliant as Hashem’s, what shall the Jews follow? Your human-written new "constitution" or Hashem's original?

Disgusting Ministry of Tourism video on the pope's visit to Israel


Please flag and comment on the disgusting Ministry of Tourism video on the pope's visit to Israel at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zRRpY8XmCk&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eholyland%2Dpilgrimage%2Eorg%2F%3FcategoryId%3D37573&feature=player_embedded

- This is talkback # 10 on "National Union MK: Pope an anti-Semite"