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What is the background situation to the war of Gog and Mogog? They invade an Israel that has a large Jewish population, and an army that fights them. For there to be an army, there must be a government. Since this war has not yet happened, it is still for the future. We must ask: Why would G-D allow Goyim to invade Israel and inflict large casualties? It could only be as a punishment for not following the Torah. So what are the elements we can deduce? The war happens at a time when there is a large Jewish population in Israel with its own government but they do not govern according to the Torah. So G-D sends Gog to destroy this situation. Now what is the outcome of the war? Moshiach is revealed, defeats the enemy and establishes his government.

It would seem that the purpose of the war was to reestablish the monarchy so the Jewish people will live according to the Torah. Since we are unwilling to do this voluntarily, we must first pay the price in blood and destruction. Only afterwards will there be enough Jews willing to abandon the Goyish way of living and want to live according to Torah. Of course if we abandon the Goyish system now and appointed a king to govern according to the Torah, the war would not be necessary. There is a way this could be done but it would take great courage on the part of many people. If you are interested, we can meet and I will explain how.

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