For the State of Israel Jewish lives mean absolutely nothing!

B"H - It is very unfortunate that under such a dire security situation the State of Israel does not do everything possible not only to defend its citizens, but not even to let them defend themselves: I am a Shomron resident and after ten years of gun ownership the police called me up, telling me to surround my gun to them, my license has expired. What happened was that up until now the Ministry of Interior sent out a notification, with relative form to pay a fee at the post office, to renew the license of gun ownership in every two or three years. Now, and without notice, they changed this practice and stopped sending out notifications of renewal, effectively disarming thousands of people with this cowardly bureaucratic trick. So any proclamation to the contrary is false, for the State our lives mean nothing, absolutely nothing!

- This is a comment on Jew murdered in terror attack near Havat Gilad in Samaria
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