The nations of the world seek meaning through happiness whereas the Jews, at least on paper, seek happiness through meaning. Even virtuous artists like Muti and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra cannot make us forget this concept, quite the opposite: Beethoven's 9th is the epitome that reinforces it forcefully. Maybe it is not an accident that an evil organization like the European Union chose this Symphony as its representative anthem.

- This is a comment on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOjHhS5MtvA
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Let's thank Hashem for all the great minds He's given us to learn from!

B"H - Religious Zionism maybe even worse [than Labor Zionism is] as it rewrites halacha to fit its agenda, whereas Labor Zionism "just" removes itself from the sphere of halachic influence. Rav Miller writes in paragraph 7 of the preface to his Awake My Glory: "Know what to reply to the Epikoros. It is easy to demonstrate the falsehood of the religions and of the claims of the evolutionists and the Bible-critics and to expose the sham of Reform and Conservatism and Zionism". So yes, we can learn a lot from Rav Kahane, but there are many others we can and should learn a lot from too. I thank Hashem for all the great minds He's given us to learn from!

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Religious Zionism is just as bankrupt as Labor Zionism is

B"H - Why none of these Har Bracha people, and what is worse many Religious Zionist rabbis, ask themselves "Why Hashem is sending in an Arab to kill someone like us"? Are we not doing the right things, here in G-d's Palace, which the Land of Israel is? Are we not righteous by running a secular and democratic republic for example, which is not a Torah-prescribed entity or by hosting actively idol worshiping xtian evangelicals just because now they say they love us? How can they love us if they hate Hashem and worship their JC man-god? The call to extend Har Bracha in response to the murder also is outright ridiculous: In Judaism we say tehelim, prayers in honor of the Almighty memorizing our dead, only in real-estate Zionism we call to and pour concrete!

- This is a comment on Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal laid to rest
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On the new Volkswagen Nazis

Let me thank you again John Cadogan for dealing with this issue! The fact of the matter is that all these three big German car-makers used and benefited from concentration-camp slave labor in the Second World War period and therefore can rightly be considered active participants in genocide and no, I don't think we should overlook this aspect of the German car industry or outright forgive them. No matter what the Merkel may say on this latest Monkey-Gate Scandal, it seems that the Germans are just trying to protect their profits by getting away from their unpresentable past. Money uber alles, no matter what!

- This is a comment on The Truth About Volkswagen Monkey Exhaust Experiments
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For the State of Israel Jewish lives mean absolutely nothing!

B"H - It is very unfortunate that under such a dire security situation the State of Israel does not do everything possible not only to defend its citizens, but not even to let them defend themselves: I am a Shomron resident and after ten years of gun ownership the police called me up, telling me to surround my gun to them, my license has expired. What happened was that up until now the Ministry of Interior sent out a notification, with relative form to pay a fee at the post office, to renew the license of gun ownership in every two or three years. Now, and without notice, they changed this practice and stopped sending out notifications of renewal, effectively disarming thousands of people with this cowardly bureaucratic trick. So any proclamation to the contrary is false, for the State our lives mean nothing, absolutely nothing!

- This is a comment on Jew murdered in terror attack near Havat Gilad in Samaria
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Melamed scholar talks against Melamed activist

Bearing in mind that this author is responsible with his activism to the planting of actively practicing evangelical xtians on the West Bracha Hill and in the yishuv itself, it is surprising to see that now he seems to acknowledge a few Torah principles against his presumably sinful acts.

- This is a censored comment on ‘Ger Toshav’: Obstacles and Aspirations
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