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B"H - I'm an "Orthodox" Jew and I opened a fb account about seven years ago under my Hebrew name, Ariel ben Yochanan. On June 15, 2017 fb blocked my account telling me that I'm using a name that is against fb policies. I maintain that a Jew's Hebrew name is an external RELIGIOUS sign, just like wearing a kipah, a tallit, tzitzit or tfililin and as such its use is under the protection of Freedom of Religion in most nations, certainly in the States and therefore fb's restrictive policies on the matter by treating my Hebrew name as if it was an ordinary nick, are allegedly unlawful: Only Jews have Hebrew names, almost all Jews have Hebrew names and non-Jews don't have Hebrew names. Besides, we have a Midrash, that teaches us that we merited the redemption from Egypt due to three attributes: We kept our language, we kept our Hebrew names and we kept our way of dressing. This shows that what facebook is doing to me today is actually worse than what the Egyptians did to us during our slavery there! I therefore require fb to a) immediately reactivate my account under my Hebrew name Ariel ben Yochanan, b) to release a public statement in which it apologizes for its refusal to accept of a Jew's Hebrew name even if it is not registered or not used for utility bills, etc., "only" in the synagogue to be called up to the Torah and c) to provide funds for damages, effective, moral and punitive to be paid for placing restrictive conditions on the use of my Hebrew name on its website, facebook.com. Should these requests be ignored, I reserve the right to seek legal advice and to bring the matter to court.

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