The OU certifies its inadequacy

B"H - The reunification of Yerushalayim the Zionists celebrate every year produced the most corrupt, Hellenist, anti-Torah and anti-G-d Yerushalayim ever in our history. Besides, the Zionists are not authorized to introduce “yoms” to our Jewish calendar and the fact that they do, is proof of their pure arrogance and agit-prop of and for their political agenda. On top of all this, celebrating during the Counting of the  Omer constitutes an open rebellion against our Sages and against our G-d Himself: Jewishly? The whole thing is nothing but a deplorable and utterly disgusting, sickening, Hellenist fest and that the OU joins in is a Certificate of Inadequacy.

- This is a comment on We never had this kind of freedom before in Jerusalem
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