Shavuot: The Torah Belongs to Us by Rabbi Eli Mansour

B"H -  The Gemara in Masechet Shabbat (88b) tells that when Moshe went up to the heavens to receive the Torah, he did not, shall we say, have an easy time. Instead of having the “red carpet” rolled out for him and receiving a warm welcome, he received a fierce argument. The angels vehemently protested G-d’s decision to give the Torah to human beings. They argued that the Torah was a “Hemda Genuza” – a precious treasure that had been with G-d in the heavens ever since the time of creation. Why, they asked, should it be given to lowly humans? They insisted that its rightful place was in the heavens. In the end, of course, Moshe successfully resisted this challenge, and G-d gave us the Torah.

The very last time I was privileged to hear Hacham Ovadia Yosef ZTL speak, during a trip to Israel in the final year before his passing, he offered a beautiful explanation of this story.

There is a law in Halacha called “Bar Mesra,” which establishes that a person who sells real estate must offer the right of first refusal to his neighbor. Thus, for example, if a person is selling his home, before putting it on the market, he must offer the property to his neighbor. Only if the neighbor is not interested in purchasing the property, or if the neighbor is unwilling to pay the market price for the property, may the homeowner put the house up for sale. The reason for this Halacha is that the land has special value to the neighbor. He can, if he so desires, combine the two properties into one large property. Given the unique benefits that the property offers to the neighbor, the Sages enacted this law requiring a seller to offer his neighbor the right of first refusal.

On this basis, Hacham Ovadia explained the angels’ claim. Before G-d went ahead and “sold” the Torah to Beneh Yisrael, the angels insisted on exercising their right of first refusal. As they reside in the heavens, they felt entitled to lay claim to the Torah, and to prevent G-d from offering it to human beings far away on Earth.

But if this is the case, then why were the angels mistaken? If they had a legitimate Halachic argument for why the Torah should remain with them, why did they lose their case?

Hacham Ovadia answered that there is an important exception to the rule of “Bar Mesra.” Namely, if the seller’s son is interested in the property, then, according to the ruling of the Rif (Rabbi Yishak of Fez, Morocco, 1013-1103), the son must be given precedence, even over the neighbor. Meaning, if both the neighbor and the son want to purchase the property and are prepared to pay the market value, the son is given precedence.

This easily explains why the angels were wrong. Although the angels were the Torah’s “neighbors,” as they resided in the heavens, Beneh Yisrael are the Almighty’s children, as Moshe Rabbenu proclaims in the Book of Debarim (14:1), “You are the children of Hashem your G-d.” Therefore, we are given the right of the first refusal, so-to-speak, and we were given the Torah in spite of the angels’ opposition.

When we celebrate our receiving the Torah on Shabuot, we celebrate the fact that the Torah belongs to us, that we, as the Almighty’s children, are its rightful owners.

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On Dr. Abramson explaining the world "Jerusalem day"

B"H - Dr. Abramson, no matter how one feels about the underlying events, the Zionists inserting their propaganda "yoms", days, into our Jewish calendar is utterly arrogant and unacceptable. Hashem hates arrogance more than any other traits and so should we. This is one. Two, why exactly do you call Israel a Jewish state, when in reality it is a democratic republic with ant-Torah, democratic institutions having their headquarters right in the Jerusalem the Zionists celebrate, like the so called "supreme court" with Arab judges sitting on it or its army, the IDF. with Arab officials serving in it? What is Jewish about that? Three, expending the same logic, why in the world your, by the way excellent videos, you show off the State's, what I call usurpation lag? Are you guys in the States worship G-d, immaterial, apolitical, or the secular and Hellenist State of Israel with its usurped Jewish symbols and with its usurped Jewish narrative?

- This is a comment on Jerusalem Day (Yom Yerushalayim) This Week in Jewish History
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On the Zionists celebrating their "Yerushalayim day"

B"H -  This is all Zionst propaganda! Since when ordinary people have the right in Judaism to introduce new "yoms" to our Jewish calendar? The fact that the Zionists do so is indicative only of their shameless arrogance, which is exactly the trait Hashem hates the most. Rabbis, you are destroying  your reputation with your own corruption!

- This is a comment on WATCH: Thousands pray at the Western Wall on Jerusalem Day
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The OU certifies its inadequacy

B"H - The reunification of Yerushalayim the Zionists celebrate every year produced the most corrupt, Hellenist, anti-Torah and anti-G-d Yerushalayim ever in our history. Besides, the Zionists are not authorized to introduce “yoms” to our Jewish calendar and the fact that they do, is proof of their pure arrogance and agit-prop of and for their political agenda. On top of all this, celebrating during the Counting of the  Omer constitutes an open rebellion against our Sages and against our G-d Himself: Jewishly? The whole thing is nothing but a deplorable and utterly disgusting, sickening, Hellenist fest and that the OU joins in is a Certificate of Inadequacy.

- This is a comment on We never had this kind of freedom before in Jerusalem
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Zionism vs Judaism

B"H - Only arrogant Zionism celebrates their wicked, most corrupt, anti-Torah, anti-G-d, Hellenist Jerusalem ever in our history. Besides, they are not authorized to introduce "yoms" into our Jewish calendar and the fact that they do and during the Omer, constitutes an open rebellion against our Sages, Torah and against G-d Himself.

- This is a comment on We never had this kind of freedom before in Jerusalem
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On Tombstones toppled at Philadelphia Jewish cemetery

B"H - Yes, and Jewish homes toppled at Amona, at Ulpana in Bet El, at Migon, at Homesh and Sa-Nur in Samaria and of course twentyone whole Jewish villages were destroyed in Gush Katif by the State of Israel twelve years ago. Which of these topplings are more anti-Semitic?

- This is a comment on Tombstones toppled at Philadelphia Jewish cemetery
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Who Was Rabbi Moshe Cordovero? by Dr. Henry Abramson

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Bank Hapoalim, one of the major banks in Israel, does not provide mortgages over the "green line" for Jews

B"H - Let us not forget and maybe not forgive, that at least one of the three major high street banks in Israel, Bank Hapoalim, does not provide mortgages for housing for Jews inJudea and Samaria. I had to take out a personal loan at 10% interest to finance my house.

- This is a comment on Sharp rise in housing investment in Judea and Samaria
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We Want a Torah State! - The Jewish vision for Judea and Samaria


Annexation is idiotic! What's the point in having a bigger secular State with 70% taxes? Judea and Samaria should be developed into the Torah state we are not allowed to have on the entire Land! Torah state implies Torah taxes as well, which means that for all practical purposes we would have a Free Zone off shore territory here, with Monte Carlo-like intense development and economic growth.

- This is a comment on The time has come to apply the same law to all citizens
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