Supreme Court: Anti-Jewish and treasonous activity

B"H - It is required that the so called supreme court recognizes that these Arab petitions are presented to it not in a vacuum but in the context of a war waged against us for the Land of Israel that the G-d of Abraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov gave us, to the Jews, to do Torah in it and that these Arab petitioners base their claims on unsubstantiated deception: There are no real Arab absentee owners of these barren hills and these false claims are presented only to harass the Jews. It is also required that this so called court recognizes that according to its own definition, the raison d’être of the State of Israel is to enable and promote Jewish life in our G-d-given Land. Therefore, the fact that this so called court regularly and predictably decides against the Jews and sides with the Arabs has to be classified as anti-Jewish activity and treated as such and declared illegal and treasonous in Israel, fit for Arab countries, like Jordan, Arabia or Yemen.

- This is a comment on 'We expect Bennett to take up the reins'
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