On Rav. Kahane

In Or Hara'ayon, on page 659 of the English edition to be precise, Rav.Kahane  writes: "The Jewish government, the king and the police apparatus were mainly intended to run the Jewish State as a theocracy in accordance with G-d's mitzvot". This exactly is the phrase many of the students and followers of the rav. don't want to hear and pretend it is not there, so that they can unleash their egos and run for kneset freely, saying that if the rav did it, it must be right. Well, as it happens, like many politicians, Kahane has an ambiguity problem, that is to say that there is a discrepancy between what he was preaching (exciting Torah) and what he was doing (boring participation in the secular Sate's anti-Torah democracy). This ambiguity is alive and well here with us today, determining a harsh contrast between what we may want to call the Zionist and the anti-Zionist wings of the Kahanist movement. What is kind of strange to see is that many of the Zionist followers of the rav who set out to reform the State, albeit from within, have become today the staunchest defenders of the status quo: For his legacy and for the future of the Children of Israel this American rabbi, who contributed with his actions maybe more than anyone else to Americanize Israel, would have done well to better align what he was preaching with what he was doing.

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