Introspection: I made a mistake coming here

B"H - My introspection on Amona, Israel: On a personal level? I made a mistake coming here: This is the most anti-Sermitic, Nazi-like state on the map right now. If let's say Ukraine did this or Argentina, you'd be all up in arms and disgusted. As the Zionists do the pogroms in the Land of Israel, most of you are just fine with it and remain silent, you bunch of foolish, misguided, State-worshiping Israelis, which is what you really are! I feel like poking, I must get out of here!

- This is a comment on 3000 Policemen to evacuate 200 activists
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Jonathan said...

It's about time you finally understood how evil the state of Israel really is and how pointless it is to waste your life there. Come join us in the US of A! A nation blessed by G-d, and where we actually have a chance to thrive and fulfill our divine destiny!

Jonathan said...

Baruch Hashem that you finally understood how evil and unfixable the state of Israel is and that there is no point wasting your life living there. It is clearly not our destiny to live in Eretz Yisrael now. G-d wants us living abroad and enriching the world with his Torah. It's time you joined the rest of us sane and enlightened Kahanists in the greatest country on earth, the US of A! A land of endless opportunity, blessed by G-d, and the place where Hashem wants us to live and prosper. It's time to evacuate Israel and settle the land of the free and the home of the brave. Time to come home brother.