Amona: A Nazi-infected history

B"H - Amona is not only a humanitarian crises, it is an institutional one. As the State of Israel carries out its pogrom and lifts its iron fist against its Jews, it defeats its declared purpose of defending and promoting Jewish life in the Land of Israel. A major overhaul is evidently long overdue and I'd suggest to look into Torah, to see and to understand what institutions it requires us to run here and how. Prime minister, kneset and the so called supreme court are not listed and the Jewish people should be able to obtain the checks and balances of our Torah-prescribed institutions in the Land that do not misfire against us: The abuse of these Hellenists over the Jews and against the worship of HaShem, our G-d, is no longer sustainable and this aspect should not be swept under the carpet any longer: By going against the 42 families of Amona the State declares itself non Jewish and therefore useless garbage for the Jews, to be thrown into the Nazi-infected garbage-bin of history! Long live the Revolution, the Torah Revolution!

- This is a comment on Police officers talking with Amona community leaders
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