Zionism is not Judaism: The State is a Golden Calf and we are warned not to dance around it.

B"H - I don't see at all "that HaShem has given back to us our homeland", as suggested. I see, and rather clearly, that our homeland has been taken from the British with a clever trick by the Erev Rav Zionists, who are usurping the Jewish narrative and Jewish symbols to confuse and deceive us and the world, to lie and to make us and the world believe that the sovereignty in the Land is Jewish. It is not! The sorry fact is that State is an ordinary democratic republic, far from being Jewish. A Golden Calf and in Judaism, which is not Zionism, we are warned not to dance around it. See https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1244453032306188&set=p.1244453032306188&type=3&theater

- This is a comment on Pre-Asarah B'Tevet Video: -History, Reality & Ramban: To Fast or Not to Fast, That is the Question.
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