On the Trump inauguration

B"H - So, a revolution has been announced at the Trump inauguration in Washington, a wash-ing-town, yesterday. Whether the Trump revolution will revolve or stuck we will see in the next four years. What however is certain, is that we Jews in Israel cannot possibly look to this event as an example to follow and hope that one day our state here too will follow through and revolve into a Torah state, for the simple reason that a Torah state requires different institutions, respect of a democratic state: This is exactly why here by us in the Land of Israel voting for kneset is a futile exercise that actually is counterproductive for bringing in the desired changes, as it only reinforces the existent establishment and keeps depriving us from our well-deserved, Torah-prescribed institutions. Democracy may be fantastic for the nations, but we Jews are given Torah and therefore for us implementing anything else, especially on G-d's Land, is unthinkable - at least one would think it is. Yet, many Jews attach their hopes and aspirations, which is the Rambam's definition of worship, to the success of determined political parties in the State's elections. When these people will sober up and realize that no Golden Calf can become Moses, no matter how Moses-like it is, then we'll stand a chance. Unless Messiah comes first that is.

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