What needs to be done?

The question we must ask ourselves is what IS and what is not a Jewish state? Instead of the present day Israeli institutions, like the prime minister, kneset and the so called supreme court, that are not only illegal under halacha, Jewish Law, but obsolete in practical political terms, for what they can and will ever do for the Children of Israel on the Land of Israel, we need a state that is Jewish, as it is required from us by Torah: A Jewish king to run the executive, a Sanhedrin to administer justice and a Cohen gadol to run the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem!
We also need a Bank of Israel that instead of playing its present-day goyshe, central-bank role, implements Torah taxes and Torah finances: A gold- and silver-based currency, instead of the present worthless paper "Shekel" the Zionists give us, no interest on loans to Jews, respect of Shmitah and Jubilee obligations. Calling the Israeli paper currency "Shekel" and the democratic republic "Israel" and having the Magen David on the flag are blasphemous examples of how the Zionists usurp the Jewish narrative and symbols for their own secularist and Hellenist agenda. Then, there is of course the problem of the present-day secular Israeli army, the IDF: To be effective and not counter-productive, as the IDF is, by constantly angering HaShem, our G-d and probably provoking Him to give us terrible enemies, we must have a Jewish army! Like everything else in a Jewish state, it has to be run according to halacha, Jewish Law. Not only: It has to be constituted as a Jewish army at the first place according to halacha, meaning the swearing in ceremony has to be abolished as we are Jews in function of our promise of allegiance to G-d, not to the State's secular command-structure, a pledge that we made under the Mount in Sinai for all generations! Wake up Jew, instead of the secular State, worship HaShem the prescribed way! Simple, really! All this can be achieved by refusing to vote for kneset, which is an active act of participation in and empowerment of the Hellenist republic.

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