The Zionists could be right. But they are not.

B"H - The Zionists would be right if Torah was silent about the kind of institutions to run on the Land. As it happens, it is not. We are told to have a Jewish king, if we want to, to run the executive. We are told to have a Sanhedrin of 71 to administer justice. We are even told where and how they supposed to be seated. We are told to have a Cohen gadol to run the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. These fraudulent Zionists are giving us the prime minister, the kneset and the so called supreme court they learned from the goyim and they call their State "Israel" as if it had any resemblance whatsoever to the Israel we know from scripture? Come'on! It's high time to expose the biggest historic lie that there is and by doing so get our real Israel! Running a secular, Hellenist joint on G-d's Land is no mitzvah and it's high time to start to pour Torah in the Land, instead of concrete!

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