On Rabbi David Bar-Hayim's commemoration of Rabbi Meir Kahane

B"H -  Of course Kahane was brilliant and there is a lot to learn from him, but one thing he was not: Right. Why not? Because he put in practice a theory he did not preach, namely he tried to reform the secular State from within, by participating in its democracy. Torah teaches us that democracy is not a Torah method, indeed Hashemcracy is, cratos meaning power and demos people, in Greek. Greek people's power is not Torah, Judaism is the exact opposite, the implementation of HaShem's will, not that of the people's, which is the Hellenist system. Rabbi Kahane's acceptance of and participation in democracy destroys until our very day and beyond any Jewish energies that aim to re-establish our well deserved Torah state on our G-d given Holy Land! So called religious Zionist rabbis, like Rav. DBH should not be silent about what Torah requires us to be and to do on the Land when we possess it.

- This is a comment on Rabbi David Bar-Hayim Speaks at the 26th yahrtzeit commemoration of Rabbi Meir Kahane z"tz"l 

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