On the Fires

B"H - On the Fires: All of the SS Secular State's institutions are treif, including prime minister and kneset and so called supreme court. Why? Simply because they are not our Torah-prescribed institutions to have in the Land. Torah is not silent about the institutions we should be running here and I don't think we are authorized to innovate and do as we please. Or, if we do, it's outside of Judaism and against the divine design of HaShem! So, why should He not punish us? For Heaven's sake Jew, repent now, today, in this hour! Come back home to HaShem, may His Great Name be blessed! Building in the Land is not enough, we are told to do Torah here, not a democratic republic! Democracy may be good for the nations, living in foreign lands: We are given Torah and our mission here is to pour Torah, not concrete! To throw it to the dirt and step on it and spit G-d in the face is a huge public sin and then we have the chutzpa to fake the stupid when He sends terrible terrorists and fires on our heads?!

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