Zionism is NOT Judaism!

B"H - Jews in Israel and around the world, we are under Yom Kippur: Repent from giving your support to the secular State of Israel and waiving its Usurpation Flag! Instead of to this idol, give your full and unconditional support to HaShem, to our Immaterial, Eternal, One G-d! Don't forget, it is this unconditional allegiance with HaShem we promised under the Mount in Sinai for all generations approximately 3300 years ago that makes us Jews at the first place: "We will do and we will understand"! Remember? Have your soul been there? Don't accept the worthless, alternative idol the Zionists offer you to "attach your hopes and aspirations", which is the Rambam's definition of idol worshiping, to the State! Love only HaShem, not some stupid, replacement, kofer entity!

- This is a comment on this Zionism is NOT Judaism video

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