Zionism is a new replacement religion, a modern-day false messianism

+Margarita Stein,
You dig into a deep and complex issue here: The first and most important point I'd like to make is that unity is meaningless if it is not in Torah. The love of the Land is Torah and the holy bond is between the Jew and the Land and not between the Jew and the State, which is Zionism. Zionism is NOT Judaism, if it was Judaism it would be called Judaism and not Zionism! Zionism is the new religion in which the worshiping of Hashem is replaced with the worshiping of the State and with anything that even loosely can be interpreted as beneficial to the Jews as a collective or to just one Jew. In particular I'm thinking about the yearly certification of "righteous gentiles" by the Yad Vashem State run Holocaust museum, given to gentiles who helped Jews to survive during WWII. The problem here is that "righteous gentile" is a term Torah reserves only to those who love Hashem and accept His universal message, the Seven Noahide Laws upon themselves. This illustrates how Zionism switches the god-figure and being a corrupt, self-serving, modern messianism, as opposed to Judaism, which worships Hashem, our G-d, the prescribed way, and not our own well-being. Zionism, just like Reform, is outside of Judaism, in as much as it re-writes halacha, Jewish Law, in order to render it compatible with the expectations of the larger outside society, whereas Judaism points to render society compatible with Torah.
- This is a comment on a comment on Rambam & Rav Kook - Unity of Torah & Science -Interview with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
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