"Why you hate all xtians who come to the Shomron"?

Ariel Ben Yochanan
Ariel Ben Yochanan Very simple, really. Because only in Zionism and according to charlatan Melamed they are "righteous gentiles" who can stay in the Land. In Judaism they are praying to yoske, so they are idol worshipers. They might be wonderful human beings. Still, we are told to go by Torah, not by our convenience, which is the epitome of corruption. Plus, even the narrative that they "help" us is a lie: They don't help us, they help the few greedy farmers who use them as slave labor. They steal the low-tech jobs of our local youth. One xtian volunteer brought in, one Jewish job lost. Plus, the wine produced is treif, even if kosher certified, as we are not allowed to benefit from idol worshiping, which their harvesting is integral part of. Plus, anyone who ever participated in harvesting of grapes knows that it is a marry affair that builds the community. Outsourcing this social function to foreign xtians is a crime! Last but not least.because many of us Jews here in the Shomron went through incredible hardships in our lives in order to leave the many xtian societies of the galut behind and to join the Children of Israel here, on the Land. We didn't do our sacrifices to see xtians walking in our communities, taking over our villages, yishuvim and hills!

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