Tomorrow is the 11th anniversary

B"H - Tomorrow, Aug. 15, is the 11th anniversary. As it happens, I had a nightmare: A fleet of big trucks came, revving their engines, collecting our parked cars from the streets. Our municipal services, electric and water, were cut off. Our communications, cellphones, telephone, fax and Internet were cut off. Schools, shops were closed. IDF jeeps roamed the streets telling us with the metallic voice of their megaphones to leave our houses and board the buses provided or else, we will be declared criminals and charged with treason. Long columns of soldiers dressed in black uniforms with the Israeli flag on marched in formation, as if they were robots, knocking down doors in their path and picking up people to carry them away. Then I woke up, soaking wet, and realized that the secular State managed, after all to terrorize us, their Jews, for life: That evil exists and as strong as ever as no one came forward from the institutions to apologize for this huge, big, fat pogrom. Since then I came to the conclusion that the State of Israel, by design and not by error, is against its Jews, our Torah and eventually, it is against our G-d, that it is an anti-Semitic entity, Cossacks, bent on separating us from our Torah. Tomorrow, Aug. 15, is the 11th anniversary of the Hitnatkut, of the State’s "disengagement" from Jewish Gaza. 

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