PRINT this out and GO and demonstrate!

If Israel was a
Jewish state,
as the Zionists claim,
it would stand up
for Jewish Rights
and not allow for a
public desecration
of G-d’s name,
like this
pride parade!

- This is a comment on Gopstein faces police complaints over Pride remarks
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The Obama - Clinton E-Mail (Self) Server Fraud And The Fraudulent Claims Against Jonathan Pollard by guest author Barouch Levy

One of the definitions of intelligence is putting two and two together in a new and different way, to arrive to a new and different conclusion. This is exactly what Barouch Levy does in this article, with charming simplicity, elegance and efficiency. His scoop? Earth shattering: Pollard served thirty years behind bars for a lesser offense than the Clinton emails! This IS the devastating truth that so many want to hide! Levy, a strawberry farmer in rural Israel, with his sharp analysis does a better job in providing us readers with an understanding of what really is going on behind the news, than many of the established and highly paid pundits and so called experts. So, let me conclude by saying well done Barouch Levy and thank you for sharing your insight with us! (AbY)

It is really a shame that many amongst the American Jewish voting public have not delved deeply into the works and wisdom of the great Torah sages. It would bestow upon them the ability to discern between truth and falsehood, in this most confusing world, were the power of evil today, so  utilizes fraud and deceit. The current e-mail  misuse affair, of the presumptive candidate for the Presidency, Hillary Clinton,  provides a golden  opportunity to those who learn and living the teachings of the righteous, to now make such distinctions  in this period of great uncertainty and  choice. An attempt from one identified with Torah community, here in Israel, is in order. This attempt will try to make a clarification, between what is true and what is false, in the context of the Clinton e-mail affair and the Jonathan Pollard affair, which share certain  commonalities.

As has been recently be publicized, James Comey, the head of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation in the United States, revealed the results of the investigation, which that organization had conducted on Hillary Clinton's e-mail transmissions, while in her role as of Secretary of State. Amongst the findings that he reported, were that numerous e-mail chains, containing  sensitive information, were found in Clinton's e-mail transmissions. This included eight chains, which contained information designated as "Top Secret".

In regard to assessments of damage to national security, Comey stated, "We do assess that hostile actors gained access to the private commercial e-mail accounts of people with whom Secretary Clinton was in regular contact". Comey also stated "…we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail account".

Notwithstanding the commentary by Comey, that there was no intent by Clinton to act illegally, and therefore he found it appropriate to label the conduct of Clinton and her staff as merely only "extremely careless" and not justifying criminal prosecution, the conclusion of presentation by the FBI, is clearly articulated: Former Secretary Clinton indeed caused significant damage to American security interests. Comey, in reporting, that “Top Secret" and "Secret" information, which she had an obligation  to protect, was indeed accessed by and was made potentially accessible to elements sophisticated and, hostile to the U. S., is self explanatory.

In comparison, Jonathan Pollard served thirty years of a life sentence on publicly unverified claims of security damage, cloaked in the secrecy of ostensible security demands. His actions, of passing classified information, to a foreign power, Israel, it was claimed, gravely compromised American security.

Even today, Jonathan Pollard is experiencing unusual and repressive parole conditions. Public exposure to any investigation, is still being denied. This is, based, no doubt, on the desire of those representing the present government in the matter to further punish Pollard and to continue to portray him as a major criminal.

Furthermore, according to what as has been  publicly stated by the government in the ongoing judicial proceedings, these parole requirements, are necessary and justified for an additional consideration: This, they contend,  is necessary since  the classified material, Pollard had access to, more than three decades ago, harbored still in the memory of the Pollard, as of the year 2016,  continues to constitute a national security hazard. 

The nature of the Pollard affair and the Clinton e-mail affair are somewhat similar. They both involve matters of American national security, in that the central figures involved are the subject to claims and allegations of mishandling sensitive security information. A parallel claim is clearly made against, both Pollard and Clinton. It is said that both removed this type of information from where it was properly safeguarded, and allowed it to exist in domain, from where this information fell into the hands of enemies of the U.S., or potentially could have, or may yet  do so in the future. They are responsible for compromising and/or causing serious damage to the security of the United Sates, so say the claims. In the case of Pollard, he is held responsible for intentionally transferring information from U.S, intelligence storage, to Israel, which from there, was ,or could have been obtained, by hostile powers. In the case of Clinton, she is held responsible for careless negligence of e-mail use which did result, in allowing security material, to be obtained by American adversaries. and may later be confirmed in the future to have caused such information transfer. 

 A comparison of the responses these intelligence episodes, is quite revealing. Of particular interest are the responses of the President of the United States, Barak Obama. 

 On the outset of President Obama's visit to Israel, in March of 2013, during a period  of growing Jewish and Israeli calls for Jonathan Pollard's release, Obama stated, in an interview the following: "He has committed a very serious crime, here in America". This  rather  well coincides with the  sentiments of those demanding a most harsh sentencing, from the presiding judge, most notably former Secretary of Defense, Casper Weinberger, during the hearing which preceded Pollard's life sentence verdict.

In stark contrast, this same President Obama expressed his view on the Clinton e-mail case, in October of 2015, on the "60 Minutes" television show. This  “is not a situation in which America’s national security was endangered.”  Again, indeed  a mere several hours after the FBI clearly indicated Clinton's responsibility for serious national security damage in the Comey report, Obama is totally unperturbed. He sings the praises of Clinton, on her presidential campaign trail, calling the public to  entrust in her in the role of one who would  bear the highest responsibility for national security matters,  as President of the United States.

Obama, highly critical of Jonathan Pollard, and significantly responsible for his continued incarceration, extending until last August, is most likely, setting the tone for the Justices Department's repressive parole conditions. However, he has never, nor has  anyone else made a public accusation, against Pollard, attempting to prove with verifiable information, why the gravity of those accusations, including his, should be accepted by the public. HIs remarks are indeed, above public scrutiny and criticism. This is because almost anyone, desiring to counter the accusations against Pollard, is denied the effective ability to do so, due the public information black-out, procured by Pollard's detractors, as mentioned above. Thus, President Obama, could, and has spoken, about Pollard with a great amount of impunity, in his accusations of Pollard's criminality, in regard to national security damage. These charges of his and others, are supposed to be accepted on face-value, and to a great degree are. 

However, if Obama were  to  back his position and criticism of Pollard  and his deeds, with any substance, he could very well be confronted by one of the very few in a position to successfully debunk his stance. One such person is Professor Angelo Codevilla, member of The Senate Intelligence Committee that dealt with the Pollard affair. "Is there some harm that Jonathan Pollard has done to America that we just don't know about"?, Codevilla is asked in a telephone interview broadcast on Israel radio, several years ago. Codevilla, replies flatly, "No".  "That is something I can be absolutely certain about. Because I know what the classification system …in U.S. intelligence, allowed Jonathan Pollard  to see, to have and to give…. He was after all merely an analyst, and analysts do not have access to methods and sources of intelligence" ("Light a Candle for Jonathan Too", Israel National News, December 22, 2014).

Thus President Obama and his spokespersons whom are reticence about the details  of the Administration's position  vis-à-vis Pollard are quite astute. Any unnecessary talk on their part would enhance the ability of the few people, like Codevilla, to show that President Obama's criminal accusations against Pollard, as  causing great damage to American security, are baseless and false. 

Unlike Codevilla, who has no platform in which to inform the public of the significance of the intelligence institution's information compartmentalization of classified intelligence information, James Comey does. He indeed did bring to the public's attention, the significance of this classification system, in his latest castigation of Hillary Clinton's  e-mail usage. As mentioned above he  reported that intelligence material classified "Top Secret" and Secret, amongst others, was carelessly displayed in her e-mails, to the detriment to American national security. Obviously, President Osama is aware of this compartmentalization system and is very much likely thus to be cognizant of the type of security damage that can ensue from the abuse of information,  classified as such. Yet Obama, continues to relate to Hilary Clinton, as he has since this issue first became a public concern, as having no relevance as to how Hillary Clinton is suited to perform in a governmental role of the  highest sensitivity and gravity. Thus, as President Obama and his fellow political travelers continue to present Hillary Clinton to the public as, so favorably suited to assume the highest office of the land, in spite of the Comey report,  it indicates quite strongly, that Obama and his whole partisan political entourage are rather fraudulent. 

Rabbi Nachman writes, that one who endeavors to free a Jewish captive, merits to distinguish between  truth and falsehood. Jonathan Pollard has been such a Jewishcaptive for  many years. indeed his captivity and ordeal are not over.

Hopefully the readers of this article will be motivated to help Jonathan Pollard. Hopefully, they will see the fraudulence of his detractors, significantly, many of which, but by no means all , currently occupy positions of power and are continuing to maintain and increase their hold on positions of authority. With G-d's help, and their devotion to Torah, they will understand who are people of truth and desire the kingship and who are frauds  and have no right to rule.

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May the wicked rot!

B"H - David Ha'Ivri, you're embracing the xtian friends of Israel? Fair enough, I am embracing the Jewish friends of Hashem! This is the difference between your new religion, Zionism and Judaism. There is nothing, nothing at present that illustrates better the utter bankruptcy of religious Zionism than your bringing in of the xtian volunteers to the Land to steal the badly needed low-tech jobs of our youths: You are the same as them, they pray to yoshke, you pray to money. I also notice that the whole, well documented thread of comments against you on this evil of the goyim catching up with us, here, in G-d's Heartland, was deleted. May the wicked rot!

 - This is a comment on Embracing Christian Friends of Israel? by David Ha'Ivri
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Rav Kook Torah crook

B"H - 1 Forget what the church says on science, it does not interest us.
2. The problem with Rav. Kook is not his acceptance of science, but that he replaces the Jewish god-figure worshiping of Hashem with the Zionist god-figure worshiping of what he calls "the renaissance of the Jewish People" (Shemonah Kevatzim, Kovetz 1, #32)".In the Kookist world-view anything that is even remotely can be considered to be good for the Jew becomes automatically holy, turning Torah into a self-serving Reform ideology. No wonder his corruption of Torah, this injected convenience of Zionism, gains large approval and acceptance among many Jews. 

- This is a comment on Rambam & Rav Kook -Unity of Torah & Science-Interview with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
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A touching story of return to G-d in the fourth generation

 B"H - We were in our late teens and deeply secular when we had a relationship, a short love-affair, forty years ago. She and her mother were also Jewish, but secular. Her grandmother converted out to xtianity before the war, in the late thirties. Forty years on, she is a grandmother now and they came to visit Israel twice, one year after another. Her son also came to Israel twice, first on a Taglit Birthright tour and a year later as an IDF volunteer. Today he is flown back to the country from Hungary to have his brit done: Mazel tov! Better late than never. A touching story of return to G-d in the fourth generation. Am Israel Chai!

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