Orlando attack on gays was sent by G-d on purpose

No one likes massacres and Muslim terrorist attacks on American night-clubs. What I honestly do not understand however is how any practicing gay person can sincerely hope and honestly believe that in some way he can and will survive a chosen behavior-pattern that is well known to be against G-d's Instruction to mankind? I mean I understand, they don't believe in G-d, because they don't see Him. G-d though is real and even if we don't see Him, we can see the effects of His being. Some would say, that this is not so, we are only in front of self-fulfilling prophecy. To these hard-core non-believers I say: Oh yeah, so how do you explain the fact that the Orlando attack clearly shows in a Torah code table, with precise details and exact date, Shavuot, the Jewish festival of the Giving of the Torah? It's a rhetoric question, no need to answer.

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