Britain is well advised to EXIT!

No +Herr Schmidt, I am afraid your analysis is not correct. Here is why and how: The European Parliament is parliament only in name, not in substance, even if elected with the proportional method, which might be considered a trick to deceive. In reality it has no legislative powers, it is only a consultative organ. The legislative power in the EU belongs to the Council, which is made up of people nominated by the member states. So, if one re-arranges the elements of this equation, it becomes clear that institutionally and by design the EU serves the governments  of the member states to bypass their national parliaments and bring in legislation from the Council, which the national parliaments have to rubber stamp and pass. Some 96% of the new laws enter the books this way, effectively zeroing out democracy in Europe. Democracy has three legs, legislative, executive and the judiciary and they meant to be kept separate. If and when they are bought into one, it has a name and it's called totalitarianism. When governments and not national parliaments legislate in 96% of the cases, it is a totalitarian regime, which is sold to the Europeans with tricks like the abolition of borders, (who likes borders?), free travel, one currency, etc. The underlying reality however, is different and we might want to call it the Fourth Reich? So Britain is well advised to run and save its democracy still it can, before it's too late.

- This is a comment on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Brexit (HBO)
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