Zionist "rabbis" are like Reform [rewriting halacha, Jewish Law] and we must not listen to them!

B"H - There is no such thing as "Yom HaShoa" or any other "yom", inserted illegally to the Jewish calendar by kneset, an intrinsically anti-Torah institution. Kneset is NOT authorized or empowered by anyone or anything to pick and name days on the Jewish calendar, as it is not our Sages. The sheer width and depth of the Zionist rule and deception requires the Torah observant Jewish world to wholesale reject these "yoms" as null and void and go by our daily business as usual. Zionist rabbis, you are part of the problem, not of the solution and you have no right whatsoever to replace the worship of Hashem with that of the State and with its institutions!

- This is a comment on Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day
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