"That was our tent Police got us to take down. Enjoy lag ba'omer!"

I received this message and I copy-past it here below, unedited:

Maybe if you want to help maybe you could broadcast police with force are getting visitors of rashbi's grave to take their tents down we found somewhere else baruch hashem. They have no signs up to say no camping and tbey wait untill tent set up and all asleep and then they pounce with 10 police lights and agression. They unzip the tent. There was a family with a car and the family said none of us had any idea and the moment the police saw resistance they started asking non related questions about car insurance legality and brought a tow truck to threaten to tow their car away if they don't stop resisting. This is antisemitism this is let's stop Jews coming up here lag ba'omer it's getting harder every year. Baruch hashem we're getting to go to sleep now at 4am.

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