Guest author on the "yoms" (days) added to the Jewish calendar, illegally by the Zionists Must read, VERY funny

I will translate the halacha as it appears in the Rambam Hilchot Siren of zionist yom ha made up days.

Hilchot Siren

In hilchot Siren there are 8,573 positive commandments and 65,987 negative commandments.

1. The torah teaches us that on the 5th day of the 7th month the Jewishhhhhhhh state was formed once again and the invisible temple was rebuilt, therefore we sound a siren...
2. The siren must be loud and clear for all the Jewish people to hear it at all times in every location.
3. All Jews must immediately stop what they are doing upon hearing the siren and stand straight in their place even in midst of oncoming traffic. The chasidim would make sure to prepre by relieving themselves at least on hour prior so that they would not be on the John while the siren sounds.
4. There are those who are strict and make sure to have an alarm clock warn them of the upcomming siren so they can make sure to be in a proper location while the siren goes off.
5. If one is in the car or praying shmone esrei and hears the siren he must immediately stop his car or stop his prayer and stand up. For someone praying he should move 3 steps over so as not to have people think he didnt stop his prayer for the holy siren.
6. the appropriate blessings should be said before and after the siren however, one must remain completely silent during the siren.


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