European Union IS very much like Nazi Germany was!

B"H - Not only. The EU reproduces the workings of totalitarianism. How? With deception: The Euorpean Parliament is parliament only in name. In reality it is not a legislative body, like other national parliaments are, even if its members are elected with the method of universal suffrage and proportional representation, as if it mattered. The legislative body in the EU is the Council and it is made up by non elected councilors, nominated by the governments of the member states. So, if one rearranges the words of this phrase, it is clear that the EU serves its member states to bypass their national parliaments and allow for their governments (the executive branch) to legislate, instead of the legislative branch. Democracy’s key characteristic is the separation of powers and the unificitaion of those powers, legislative, executive and judiciary, has a name: totalitarianism. European (read Council) legislation worth more than 90%, so it is clear that the national parliaments of the member states are completely marginalized by the non elected European structures.
Ariel ben Yochanan
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- This is a comment on Ex-London mayor compares European Union to Nazi Germany
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