"That was our tent Police got us to take down. Enjoy lag ba'omer!"

I received this message and I copy-past it here below, unedited:

Maybe if you want to help maybe you could broadcast police with force are getting visitors of rashbi's grave to take their tents down we found somewhere else baruch hashem. They have no signs up to say no camping and tbey wait untill tent set up and all asleep and then they pounce with 10 police lights and agression. They unzip the tent. There was a family with a car and the family said none of us had any idea and the moment the police saw resistance they started asking non related questions about car insurance legality and brought a tow truck to threaten to tow their car away if they don't stop resisting. This is antisemitism this is let's stop Jews coming up here lag ba'omer it's getting harder every year. Baruch hashem we're getting to go to sleep now at 4am.

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On Meir Ettinger and on what to do with this despicable State

B"H - I want a Torah Revolution through disengagement from the Zionist State. There is no point in voting or running for kneset as there is no good can come out from the anti-Torah, democratic institutions and a traditional uprising would be dealt with by their ruthless IDF. But with the non-participation? They can do nothing against and it is our participation in their schemes that gives them the power they need.

- This is a comment on Meir Ettinger 
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European Union IS very much like Nazi Germany was!

B"H - Not only. The EU reproduces the workings of totalitarianism. How? With deception: The Euorpean Parliament is parliament only in name. In reality it is not a legislative body, like other national parliaments are, even if its members are elected with the method of universal suffrage and proportional representation, as if it mattered. The legislative body in the EU is the Council and it is made up by non elected councilors, nominated by the governments of the member states. So, if one rearranges the words of this phrase, it is clear that the EU serves its member states to bypass their national parliaments and allow for their governments (the executive branch) to legislate, instead of the legislative branch. Democracy’s key characteristic is the separation of powers and the unificitaion of those powers, legislative, executive and judiciary, has a name: totalitarianism. European (read Council) legislation worth more than 90%, so it is clear that the national parliaments of the member states are completely marginalized by the non elected European structures.
Ariel ben Yochanan
For more groundbreaking analysis on Israeli and Jewish topics visit www.thetorahrevolution.blogspot.co.il

- This is a comment on Ex-London mayor compares European Union to Nazi Germany
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Zionist "rabbis" are like Reform [rewriting halacha, Jewish Law] and we must not listen to them!

B"H - There is no such thing as "Yom HaShoa" or any other "yom", inserted illegally to the Jewish calendar by kneset, an intrinsically anti-Torah institution. Kneset is NOT authorized or empowered by anyone or anything to pick and name days on the Jewish calendar, as it is not our Sages. The sheer width and depth of the Zionist rule and deception requires the Torah observant Jewish world to wholesale reject these "yoms" as null and void and go by our daily business as usual. Zionist rabbis, you are part of the problem, not of the solution and you have no right whatsoever to replace the worship of Hashem with that of the State and with its institutions!

- This is a comment on Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day
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Is the State of Israel the Doing of: HASHEM, the Devil or Man?

B"H - Sad. For mistaking the running of a secular democratic republic like France, Germany or Italy on G-d's Land for "Jewish sovereignty" one really needs to be either brainwashed by years and years of studying in a Zionist (read non Torah) yeshiva or impaired by some other way, as Torah clearly is not silent about the kind of society and institutions to have on the Land. Prime minister, kneset, supreme so called court clearly are not the Jewish king, Cohen gadol and the Sanhedrin, our prescribed Torah institutions, and taking a Golden Calf for Moshe is no longer acceptable. So, if you don't want to say the State is the doing of the Satan, fair enough, don't say it, say it's a test of Hashem, to see who is with Him and who is against. Torah is Hashemcracy, Zionism is democracy, where demos means people and cratos power, People's Power in Greek, which is Hellas, home of Hellenism. Zionism is intrinsically Hellenistic and no, we do not and cannot want it, not on the Land of Israel!

- This is a comment on Is the State of Israel the Doing of: HASHEM, the Devil or Man? Interview with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
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Israel celebrates 68th Independence (from Hashem) Day

B"H - If the State of Israel is the Kookist seed, which it is not, it's a Golden Calf, it has to ROT and disappear for the PLANT to grow. We Want The Plant, not the seed! So yes, happy birthday evil, anti-Semitic State, at 68, you are one year closer to your end, B'ezrat Hashem! May it come soon, in our days!

- This is a comment on Israel celebrates 68th Independence (from Hashem) Day
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Guest author on the "yoms" (days) added to the Jewish calendar, illegally by the Zionists Must read, VERY funny

I will translate the halacha as it appears in the Rambam Hilchot Siren of zionist yom ha made up days.

Hilchot Siren

In hilchot Siren there are 8,573 positive commandments and 65,987 negative commandments.

1. The torah teaches us that on the 5th day of the 7th month the Jewishhhhhhhh state was formed once again and the invisible temple was rebuilt, therefore we sound a siren...
2. The siren must be loud and clear for all the Jewish people to hear it at all times in every location.
3. All Jews must immediately stop what they are doing upon hearing the siren and stand straight in their place even in midst of oncoming traffic. The chasidim would make sure to prepre by relieving themselves at least on hour prior so that they would not be on the John while the siren sounds.
4. There are those who are strict and make sure to have an alarm clock warn them of the upcomming siren so they can make sure to be in a proper location while the siren goes off.
5. If one is in the car or praying shmone esrei and hears the siren he must immediately stop his car or stop his prayer and stand up. For someone praying he should move 3 steps over so as not to have people think he didnt stop his prayer for the holy siren.
6. the appropriate blessings should be said before and after the siren however, one must remain completely silent during the siren.


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"Yom Haatzmaut": A test to see who is with Hashem and who is against Him

B"H - Do we say Halel for the creation of the Golden Calf? Beware, "Yom Haatzmaut", (the secular State's independence from Hashem day) is the exact same test, rerun anew to see who is with Hashem and who is against Him!

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Orthodox rabbi relates his personal experiences with the Zionists in the DP camp

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On the so called "Yom HaShoa"

B"H - "Yom HaShoa" is an illegal, anti-Torah "yom" (day) inserted to the Jewish calendar by the Zionists, without having a right or a mandate to do so. Jewish Jews memorize the Shoa on Ashara B'Tevet (Tenth of Tevet) a traditional fast day that falls on Jan 8 '17 or on Tisha B'Av (Ninth of Av), also a public fast day, that this year falls on a Shabes, therefore it's put off a day to Sunday, Aug. 14. Also, we do not sound sirens and stand in silent minutes, which are typical disgusting ways of the nations. We read Techelim, prayers to G-d.

- This is a comment on Life stories of the six survivors to light torches on Holocaust Remembrance Day
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