Jews worship Hashem, Zionists the State

B"H - It is outright irritating to see that a well learned and well spoken, intelligent thinker, like Rav. Bar-Hayim, should continue and take the modern secular State of Israel as anything "Jewish": It is not. Torah is not silent on how a Jewish state should look like, its institutions, its finances governed. The Zionists did not establish a Jewish state, they established an anti-Jewish, anti-Torah and anti-G-d State on parts of the Land of Israel, blasphemously naming their new democratic republic "Israel". They are using and usurping Jewish symbols and Jewish narrative in their so far very successful attempt to separate the Jew from Torah. In conclusion, Religious Zionism is just as bankrupt as Labor Zionism is, for the simple reason that they replace the worship of Hashem with the worship of the Renaissances of the Jewish People as Rav. Kook put it, with other words with the secular State and its army, the IDF. When you suggest to people today that in Judaism it is Hashem who protects the nation and not the State or the IDF, chances are they throw obscenities at you.

- This is a comment on Why Did Secular Jews Found the State of Israel?
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