Attention AIPAC - Vice President Joseph Biden Is Not A Chicken by guest author Barouch Levy

 AIPAC Thinks Chicken Dressed As Vice President Biden Makes Pre-Purim Appearance

  It only takes a rather quick glimpse at the response, given by those in attendance at this year's AIPAC conference, to the presentation by Vice President Joseph Biden, to known that much of the American Jewish public is afflicted,as as community,with a real perceptual disability, hobbling its ability to ascertain political and social reality. A skit by the American-Jewish comic, Woody Allen, illustrates well, this public disorder." My brother has a terrible problem," says one to his conversation partner. "He thinks he is a chicken." "Well, tell him he's not a chicken! "replies the partner, emphatically. "No, you don't understand" is the resigned retort. "He needs the eggs." Similary, such is mental state of affairs of many of the AIPAC delegates and  much of the public, from whom they emanate. They are in such a dire need to be nurtured, by the golden of eggs acceptance, sustenance and protection, of the liberal establishment and  those liberals presently in power, that as they hear the Vice President cock-a-doodle-do, one Obama like platitude after another,they find it quite difficult to even contain their feelings. Apparently, they are convinced, that Vice President Joseph Biden is a chicken. The response to every "egg ", layed by  Biden was one of relief, gratitude and exicited expectation. But unfortunately, for the AIPAC conference participants, Joseph Biden is neither a rooster or a chicken, and the American Jewish public will not be the beneficiary of any his eggs, not even one. Instead they will be the recipients of a world reality, for the remaining tenure of the Obama Administration, which is steadily becoming,more and more uncertain, unstable, dangerous, and anti-Semitic. Not suprisingly, many of the AIPAC audience are unable to recognize, that this sad state of affairs ,currently extant and deteriorating, is a result,and not to a small degree,of political positions, bred by these very fantasies, which are so much of a part of the liberal American Jewish public's perceptual tools.The American-Jewish "chickens", are indeed coming home to roost. Woody Allen's chicken is alive and well at the AIPAC conference.

   Do the AIPAC conference delgates have the ability to understand who really is Joe Biden? I think not. As being amongst the must informed of political constiuencies, and obviously, particularly, in regard to how policy effects Jews,they know, in spite of these handicaps, that he is one of, if not the key,spokesman for the Obama Administration at the AIPAC Conference. However, there is little to indicate that their understanding goes much farther than that.

  Incredibly, Vice President Biden, with utmost confidence, declares before the most of any pro-Israel audience, "We are united in unyeilding committment to the survival, security and success of Israel." His confidence, in receiving a positive, if not overwhelming positive response, to these words, was completely confirmed. It was as if an amnesia,induced by some kind of emotional imblance,erased the awareness of the fragility of Israeli security, so aptly demonsrated by the 2014 Gaza war, and also as to who created that unstable situation. Not only was the tenuous Israeli security reality of the summer of 2014, significanly caused by the current Obama Administation, and by the involvement of the Clinton couple, proceding to and as integral to the current administration, but all of the above, receive Biden's support for advocating a policy, which if enacted, would be, G-d forbid, significantly more threatening to Israel. During the summer of 2014, European and American aviation authorities prohibited airlines from landing at Israel's main civilian airport.Their concern was not trifle, as Gaza based terrorists aimed rockets at that airport.They very likely would have aimed shoulder held missiles, like the ones that missed an Israeli airliner in Kenya by 500 feet in 2002, if the Clinton Administration Oslo Agreement had  brought PLO control and sovereignity virtually to the security fence of Ben Gurion Airport, as was planned. Furthermore, this scenario is indeed plausible, if the policy of whom Biden represents and to whom he rather clearly will endorse to be the next American president, is implemented..Yet none the less, many at the the AIPAC conference actually see Biden as being committed to the survival, security and success of Israel! But again, one should judge the AIPAC delegates kindly. Their need for the eggs is quite real.

  Surely the delegates to the AIPAC convention known Joseph Biden's position on Jonathan Pollard. During the period of growing public  concern for Jonathan Pollard, after decades of cruel incarceration, which was the result of one most notorious cases of judicial malfunction and injustice in American judicial history, Biden's made a comment  of almost unparalleled insensitivity. His remarks, in regard to a possible release of Pollard from prison at the time, "Over my dead body'",rather echoed Marie Antoniette, who replied that if the Paris masses did not have bread then, "Let them eat cake."

   It has never been established that Jonathan Pollard did any damage to American security, or even had any intent to do so.In fact at the time of his arrest, he held views, on American-Israel relations,very much like the delegates to the AIPAC meeting.  As a proponent of this dual patriotism, he then,was nievely unaware of the more unpleasant aspects American-Israel-Jewish relationship. Pollard, an American Jew. is flesh of their flesh. His plight is far from over. Unlike the delegates at the AIPAC conference,he has little Jewish or other public life, and at the discretion or whim of the authorities, he could find himself back in the hell Casper Weinberger created for him, and Joe Biden and others extended. Yet strangely, the loud applause generated for Joseph Biden, indicate that Jonathan Pollardard doesn't matter much to AIPAC, despite the fact that without Pollard's courage and sacrifice, it is quite possible that Israel, and therefore AIPAC, would not exist today.The question is not whether Biden or other politicians, experienced in dealing with Jewish idiosyncrancies, are pro Israel or pro Jewish. What needs to be asked is how is much is AIPAC really  pro Israel and pro Jewish,particularly in the lightof the reception they gave to Joseph Biden, one of the better known advesaries of Jonathan Pollard,a hero of Israel survival. Something is not quite normal here.Yes, but they neeed those eggs.

Finality, and perhaps most significantly, one should wonder why is it that AIPAC has no problem with Vice President Biden's demonstrative referencers to his Iish Catholic ethnicity. AIPAC won't touch the matter with a ten foot pole.They can not mentally, theoligically, socially or politically deal with this phenomenon which Vice Prsident Biden has forcely created.They will gladly leave the matter as an imponderable. Even they can not turn it to a chicken.

 .Biden made the sign of the cross during the his presentation to the Jewish AIPAC audience this week, as part of expressing his background. But this is not a reference Irish clovers, leprachans, or people marching down they street clad in green clothes. He is not referirng to his affinity for Irish literati, which he did bring up. Perhaps, some of members of AIPAC, will recall, this very same demonstriveness, during one of Prime Minister Netanyahu's Congressional addresses, in 2011, with Biden, in his capacity as Vice President sitting behind Netanyahu as he addressed Congress. Others will are more mentaly inclined  to forget. As Netanyahu referred to an apparent old friendship with the Vice President, which he said goes back many years, Biden made the sign of his cross over his chest.  Apparently, as Netanyahu portrayed his relationship with Biden as being too close, The Vice President, chose to have himself appearing to appeal for metaphysical protection, as may be taught in his religious background. In any event, this is is a most unusual occurrence in American politics, where the principle of seperation of church and state, is a time honored, civil tradition, having significant weight in American political etiquitte..The fact that Biden did this in front of Jewish audience, and that this is not the only time that he "graced" a presentation to Jews, in such a way, indicates what Biden intended to project, by such behavior.

 Clearly, Vice President Biden is not communicating to a Jewish audience, with references as such. He is though, making a statement to the non -Jeiwsh world. But it behooves Jews ,in the utmost to comprehend his message. Unfortunately, Jews of AIPAC, for the most part are not are able to do so, for the very same reasons that this essay has been emphasing. Thus from Biden's perspective, such a presentation is not at all brazen.What Biden is saying to the gentile world.and what the Jews don't get,is that he is theologicaly, and thus morally, and culturally and socially,distinct and seperate from these people ,these Jews. As a politician, he is  saying, it is expedient and incumbent of him to deal with the Jews of the AIPAC conference in this way. As all politicians are known to be manipulative, he hopes to be understood and excused for this "command performance". These words, which he says to the Jews, are thus explained, to the non Jewish public, as meaning  nothing. It is as if he is saying, "I have no affinity for these Jews.  That's why, when  I succede to the point to where Jews even say that I support them and their ambitions, the sign of the cross, should disabuse you from actually thinking, that this is actully the case."

 As this article concludes, the news is comimg in of the massacres in Brussels. European Jews, already uncomfortable about their security are surely feeling even less secure today. Some may sense fear. In the United States and elsewhere, many Jews harbor a chronic, standing apprehension in regard to their coexistence, with the rest of the world, which distorts their ability to percieve political reality, as this article endeavors to show. Some, may now, be even more disposed to see reality as they wish it be, as opposed to viewing it, as it really exists.The solution to this Jewish perceptual distotion of AIPAC and others ,engendered by fear, is seen in the words of Rabbi Nachman. He said, "The whole world is a narrow bridge and the, main thing is to have no fear at all." He also said, more than 200 years prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, that "One can not be an Israeli man without living in the Land of Israel."  Therefore, come to the Land of Israel,  the Torah of Israel, and live confidently without fear, relying on the strenght of the G-d of Israel. Only then, will perceptual distortions borne of fear, no longer falsely shape our understanding of the world, and can we abandon our illusions and fantasies. Then, life can experienced as it really is, and meant to be for a Jew.

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