On writing petitions to the prime minister of the secular State of Israel

 B”H – Writing petitions and open letters to the prime minister of the secular State, no matter how well written, are Zionist reactions. The Jewish reaction would be to cry out loud to Hashem, by making tsuva (repentance), by fasting, by reciting Psalms and by sounding the Shofar. In Judaism we worship Hashem, our mighty G-d, not the prime minister of the secular State. Only Zionism worships the State that actually prevents us of having Torah Law ruling over G-d’s Land: It’s rather sad that, even if obviously you mean well, you write to the prime minister, instead of sounding your Shofar which you do so exceptionally well, while Meir Ettinger and many others who sit in Israeli jails for their opinion like Ephraim Khantsis, are refusing to recognize them tout court. By not understanding and by not sharing their plight, we actually betray them. Yeah, definitely sad. The prime minister of the secular State of Israel has no more business to recieve our petitions than the Queen of England or the Pope in the Vatican!

- This is a comment on Op-Ed: Letter to PM Netanyahu on the continued detention of Meir Ettinger
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