IDF, don't convert to Zionism, convert to Judaism!


This is a TREMENDOUSLY sad article, all about how Torah-distortion is done in our time and on modern day and contemporary State idol worshiping. Fact: In Torah we don't send our women in the army and being a female IDF soldier per definition is an indication of non compliance of a candidate for conversion with mitzvot and with Torah Law: For this reason alone this article is the story of a false conversion! As far as the "rabbinic court" of the IDF is concerned, how on earth can it be considered a kosher Jewish court when the whole organization is based on an initiation ritual, called the Swearing In Ceremony, that requires new members to swear allegiance to the secular State, which goes right against our Sinai oath, in which we swear allegiance to Hashem for all generations, the moment of Revelation which makes us Jews at the first place, is a mystery to me. These IDF converts are to be seen as converts to Zionism, a new religion that worships the State and not as converts to Judaism that worships Hashem, our mighty G-d. That all this filth should be presented in a positive light is the cherry on the top of this poisonous, anti-Jewish cake.

- This is a comment on From Katya to Eliya
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