You can't apply the laws on the rodef to the institutions of Israel!

 B"H - With all and due respect, the Rabbi totally misses the point here. In fact it is ridiculous to apply the laws on the rodef to the institutional realm. First, because there is no guarantee whatsoever that the part-y (here I'm indicating that democracy is divisive per definition and we are not allowed to divide the nation) or the person we vote for will actually carry out the mission we want to put him or her or it in power: Of course I am talking about political promises here, which are famous first and foremost for not being kept. So this is one. Two, we are Jews, because of the Revelation, because we voted for Hashem for all generations, saying "We will do and we will understand". This is what makes us Jews. Voting for humans now, is negating our vote for Hashem made under the Mount in Sinai 3300 years ago and therefore in my humble opinion strictly forbidden and even indicative that the soul of the person who does it was not with us in Sinai.Third: Torah is not silent about the institutional arrangement the Jews should run on the Land: We should appoint a Jewish king to run the executive according to Torah, with his two Torah-scrolls he carries with him at all times. The Cohen gadol to run the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Sanhedrin that sits in the courtyard to administer justice and just courts and officials in every village all over the Land. These are our prescribed Torah institutions and I don't see who or what gives the Rav. permission to deviate from specific Torah obligations in his shiur, in favor of, and this is point Four: An institutional landscape of the State that is Hellenistic. Kneset, so called supreme court and prime minister are not Jewish institutions, we learned them from the nations and I don't see how this rabbi or any other person can legitimize them with a vote that is not even obligatory according to the Zionists' own laws and therefore easily avoidable in practice. When we give up on our Torah prescribed institutions, we commit a huge and public Chilul Hashem!

- This is a comment on To Vote or Not to Vote - That Is The Question - Interview with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
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