Torah Judaism is not a parliamentary system

B"H - "Left" AND "right" are both parliamentary terms meaning renovators and conservatives respectively, indicating where they sit in the semicircle in relation to the presidency. Torah Judaism is not a parliamentary system. We don't arrive to the truth through the majority of ordinary peoples' representatives but through the binding opinion of our experts. That is one of the reasons I consider the whole idea of running a secular State on G-d's Land, with evil kneset at its center - outright blasphemous: Democracy may be fantastic for the nations, Jews are here to apply Torah in this world and nowhere it says ".. and vote yourselves a kneset of Jews and Arabs to make man-made laws for you to follow instead of My divine instruction". In conclusion, "left" and "right" both are intrinsically anti-Torah groups and concepts and those who don't see this are losers, per definition, as they pit themselves against the will of Hashem. Torah is neither left or right, it's ABOVE and we promised G-d to go by it for all generations, under the Mount in Sinai 3300 years ago by saying "We will do and we will understand". This is a promise and we better keep our part of it if we want Him to keep His!

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