On the Torah Revolution by guest author, my good friend Yaakov Fauci


Good article, but she misses one VERY important point. Yes, the Jewish People have PRAYED for these things for 2000 years, but until very recently very few Jews have been serious about DOING it! The so called "Hilltop Youth" are not content to remain in "galus" and "wait for the Messiah" to do all the work for them. They are laying the foundations NOW, and that is what petrifies the powers that be. They are not willing to sit back and have the Third Temple "fall from heaven" or a Elijah the Prophet to come anoint a king from the line of David who will fight the wars of Hashem and expel from the land (or kill) those who oppose the Jewish People and the Forces of G-d in the world, they are trying to figure out a way to make it happen NOW. To a majority of the Jewish People, even the most fervently religious (and Zionist) among them, these concepts are nothing more than hypotheticals that will happen G-d willing at some point in the future (may it be speedily in our days) but they are not REAL. They are things that we pine for and pray for, not things that we DO. Much like the original Zionists who believed "If you will it, it is not a dream" but who seemed insane and delusional to the rest of the world and most of the Jewish People at that, these young Jews are taking "Zionism" to the next logical step. Except their mentor is not Herzl, and their manifesto is not "Altneuland", they believe in the Torah, and believe that as Jews in the Land of Israel we should LIVE BY IT and ONLY it, and if that means doing things that are unacceptable to Western Democratic sensibilities, and the Secular Government of the State of Israel so be it....
So on one hand YES, these kids, and most of them ARE kids, really don't believe in or espouse ideas that the rest of us don't, they just put their money where their mouths are. And while certainly a rag tag band of hill huggers are hardly a match for the mighty State of Israel and IDF, physically at least, their IDEAS are VERY dangerous and really do threaten to undermine the very authority of the Secular Democratic State. If this ideology spreads and becomes prevalent in the mainstream religious world (as we have seen recently happen l'havdil in the Muslim world), it is only a matter of time before the revolution begins, and once that happens, it will not be possible to stop! So Viva La Revolucion! I just hope it is a peaceful and bloodless one, but knowing the Zionist Government and their sordid past, that seems exceedingly unlikely, and they will NOT relinquish power easily.

- This is a comment on Arrest Me, I Pray for a Jewish King and a Jewish Temple Every Day
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