It is the State that does not let us lead authentically Jewish lives


The SS Secular State sent its SS Social Service to kidnap the children of my friend living on the Land. They are G-d's children, not the State's! May G-d bless Amos and Leah and help them in their hour of need: They are the best parents I've ever seen and the children are well nourished, always smiling. Please pray for Amos, Leah and for their beautiful children to be reunited. Now is already too late!

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DS said...

Hello Ariel,

Can you please share more details about that situation? And about the situation of Ephraim Khansis? Thank you

Ariel ben Yochanan said...

B"H - There isn't that much I can add that has not been said before. I know that Amos was released from prison a few hours ago I think on bail. He was taken into custody because he fought the SS Social Service/SS Security Service that came to take his children 2, 4 and 6 years olds. I can only speculate as far as the charges. They live outside of the yishuv (village), outside of its giva (adjacent hilltop), in structures that are more tents than houses. This means a lot of things, physically and spiritually: They are not on the grid and there is no running hot and cold water. They work the land, produce their own fruit and veg, and keep chicken, ducks, goose and other farm animals. The children are home schooled and they are taught to fear and love Hashem. They live in harmony with nature, and so I guess now these loving and caring parents will have to prove that this kind of life-style is as legit as North Tel-Aviv high-rise living with video-games and air-conditioning.
As far as Ephraim Khantsis is concerned, he still is in jail for a presumed hand gesture that according to the Shabak was directed against one of their men and was offensive to a prosecutor. Let me add that Ephraim does not recognize the secular "justice" system and he is not cooperating with it.