Ephraim Khantsis is in jail for more than five months now for what? For sporting payot and a kippah?


In the Only Democracy in the Middle East, Ephraim Khantsis, a payot and kippah-wearing Jew in his twenties, is sitting in jail now for more than five months for a presumed hand-gesture: He was attending the court-hearing of Meir Ettinger and Evyatar Slonim on Aug. 11. It was declared that no public was allowed in the hearing for the “pericolosity of the subjects”. Ephraim recounts: “After the hearing and outside of the stairs the guards detained me and they took me to the police station in Ramle. I was accused of threatening the prosecutor and the Shabak officer. I assumed I will be released either immediately or next day, after the court hearing. Instead, they extended my arrest, claiming that I was very dangerous and that the crime was very serious”. That was more than five months ago and as it turned out later, strangely the surveillance-cameras did not record the presumed event!

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