War: Guess who will win it? Those who are with or against G-d?

B"H - Fact: The Arab nation wages a war against the Jewish people. According to our Jewish Law this renders each Arab "guilty" individually, meaning that there are no "innocent" Arabs: Even if the Jewish suspects of the Dawabsheh killings case (not "murders", in Judaism we distinguish between killing and murder), even if they were guilty of the "crimes" attributed to them and confessed under torture, they would still be "guilty" only according to the non Jewish Israeli laws of the Stare. In Torah Law they cannot possibly be "guilty" as they would have been fighting an obligatory war forced on us by the Arabs. If the State of Israel was Jewish, as they claim, and the IDF was a Jewish army, they themselves would have had to do these killings and a lot more. So, with the now widely publicized torture of the youth on the hands of the Shabak's Jewish department, what is in front of our eyes is an attempt to crack down on Torah Jews and on Torah Judaism by the secular, Zionist State of Israel. That's the real dimension of what is going on, a war of religion waged against the Jews, Torah and eventually against Hashem! Guess who will win? Those who are with or against G-d?

- This is a comment on Radical right-wing wedding video condemned
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