On the chutzpah of xtian-loving wine makers of the Shomron

B"H - The "political reasons" given to Tura Winery owners Vered and Erez Ben-Saadon are not necessary those indicated in the article. The real reasons might include the fact that these greedy producers of wine instead of supporting their local communities with the activity prefer to employ foreign labor, especially those xtians who offer their work for free to many wineries of the area for their own, second coming of their man-god worshiping rhetoric, effectively pricing our own Jewish workforce out from their jobs. As the grapes are harvested to show the Jews how good this JC is, boycott of these wines seems to be a proper course of action, to limit the phenomena. Every year more than 500 volunteers are shipped in according to the Hayovel xtian ministry's web-site, which is not a marginal number and the damage caused to our communities is huge. Also, as the grapes are harvested as part of their worshiping, the kosher certification of these wines seems to be VERY problematic as well, as we are not allowed to benefit from such an activity.

- This is a comment on Israeli wine guide boycotts Judea and Samaria
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