Bye-bye democracy, hello totalitarianism

B"H - Since when the attorney general or the police has the power to overrule a court decision? What is in front of our eyes in Israel today is in fact an episode of putsch in which the executive branch overtakes the judiciary, creating what is known as totalitarianism. As she gave up, even if temporarily the rule of her own secular law, technically speaking Israel today suspended her much acclaimed democracy.

- This is a comment on Watch: Duma suspect finally released
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B"H - Rav. Richter shiur in Givat Tapuah "for the sake of Heaven and for the release of those great Jews who are arrested right now"

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War: Guess who will win it? Those who are with or against G-d?

B"H - Fact: The Arab nation wages a war against the Jewish people. According to our Jewish Law this renders each Arab "guilty" individually, meaning that there are no "innocent" Arabs: Even if the Jewish suspects of the Dawabsheh killings case (not "murders", in Judaism we distinguish between killing and murder), even if they were guilty of the "crimes" attributed to them and confessed under torture, they would still be "guilty" only according to the non Jewish Israeli laws of the Stare. In Torah Law they cannot possibly be "guilty" as they would have been fighting an obligatory war forced on us by the Arabs. If the State of Israel was Jewish, as they claim, and the IDF was a Jewish army, they themselves would have had to do these killings and a lot more. So, with the now widely publicized torture of the youth on the hands of the Shabak's Jewish department, what is in front of our eyes is an attempt to crack down on Torah Jews and on Torah Judaism by the secular, Zionist State of Israel. That's the real dimension of what is going on, a war of religion waged against the Jews, Torah and eventually against Hashem! Guess who will win? Those who are with or against G-d?

- This is a comment on Radical right-wing wedding video condemned
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It's time to turn the page!

B"H - Most people don't realize that the Jewish character of the State is being challenged here and that the established institutions of the State are proving themselves to be abusive, anti-Semitic, outdated and insufficient: As Jews we deserve our prescribed Torah institutions on the Land and these Jew-hater impostors must be swepped away and prevented from accessing power and perpetrate their anti-Jewish pogroms and acts of violence against Jews. The situation has come to a point where we either decide to enforce Jewish sovereignty on the Land, or perish under these evil Zionists.

 - This is a comment on Netanyahu backs Shin Bet as right-wing protests continue
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Do Justice – End the Pollard Travesty! by guest author Barouch Levi


A number of years ago, the American ambassador to Israel, during the second Bush Administration, expressed his opinion, and as the U.S. envoy, to a great degree, expressed his government's opinion, of the deeds of Jonathan Pollard. He said that Pollard's acts, were of such a serious nature, that Jews should be grateful that he was not executed. All the more telling, was that this comment was made before a Jewish and Israeli audience in the sovereign State of Israel! These comments came, not from some extreme right-wing member of a veteran's organization, of some rural area, isolated from developments, but one from a liberally educated, mainstream background. A former Soviet, Jewish dissident, appealing to the ambassador in a well worded appeal for Pollard, on the need to honor values of justice and human rights, had no idea how, just how ineffective she was in influencing the ambassador. She was not alone. She and most Jews do not understand what makes this matter so intractable and why efforts to help Pollard have been and continue to be largely ineffective. 
A glimpse at a very similar sad, episode in Jewish history is helpful in bringing about a proper understanding. 

When Alfred Dreyfus was given a pardon, he responded by stating, "The government of the Republic gives me back my freedom. It means nothing to me without my honor. From today on I shall continue to seek reparation for the atrocious judicial error from which I am a victim. I want the whole of France to know by force of a final judgment that I am innocent. (The Collapse Of The Third Republic, William Shirer, page 66)

Dreyfus formally accepted the pardon, procured by the French Premier and granted by the President of the Republic. But from his words, we know that he threw that pardon, back into the faces of his accusers and tormentors. A pardon, by its nature, unequivocally implies acceptance of wrongdoing and guilt. This, he emphatically denied.

Dreyfus understood the French anti-Semitism, which demanded his degradation. There was no way to appease them. He knew that, in as such that those who attacked him, felt that they could not regain their lost honor, if his was not totally destroyed, his continued struggle for dignity and truth added nothing to the fires of hatred against him, amongst those, whose hate was enflamed to the maximum.  So too is the case, in the anti-Semitism of the Pollard Affair. 

Dreyfus had allies in the anti-monarchists, and those who opposed the influence of the military, and the church. Pollard has no such allies. The American anti-Semites will only release their grip upon him when their efforts to degrade Pollard become counter productive. This could and would happen if there is enough of a morally obliged response, particularly now that there is a continuing media interest in Pollard .This would require a Jewish indignation and protest against the injustice Pollard has borne and continues to suffer, as well as a public Jewish recognition of Pollard's righteousness and heroism, in perhaps, even saving Israel from destruction, G-d forbid, from Iraqi gas carrying missiles. Many in Israel today feel that, perhaps indeed, they owe their lives to him. But this deliverance can only happen if Jews, particularly American Jews, understand the anti-Semitism of the Pollard Affair, in the same way that Alfred Dreyfus understood the Dreyfus Affair.

American Jews, have exceedingly slowly, during the years of Jonathan Pollard's ordeal, come increasingly to realize the role of anti-Semitism in the affair. In the meantime Pollard, languished away under thirty years of imprisonment. But they did not recognize, nor do they recognize now, that not only was anti-Semitism, a factor in the affair, in essence, the Pollard Affair, like the Dreyfus Affair, is about nothing other than, anti-Semitism. With this continuing inability to ascertain and come to grips with  this real underlying reality, American Jews will continue, as they have been in the past, in their efforts to help Jonathan Pollard, and right a historical travesty of justice, to be dismally inconsequential and ineffective.

The general public, excluding large segments of it that are motivated by the same anti-Semitism which motivated the conservative elements in France, that persecuted Dreyfus, plus many of the new liberal "progressive" anti-Semitism, are basically indifferent to Pollard. Thus, the only ones in the United States who can help Pollard are, the Jews. Unfortunately, limited by varying degrees of indifference, for fear of anti-Semitic back lashing, or some combination of the two, they have not endeavored to learn, or have remained unexposed to, what is most pertinent in the Pollard Affair. If they desire to cease their marginality in the matter, they must gather up the courage to pursue and acquire an accurate assessment of what motivated, and continues to motivate, those favoring the continuing repression of Jonathan Pollard.

They should be aware, that after Jonathan Pollard's activities were revealed, the American government conducted a policy, against him, of swift and merciless ant-Semitic retribution. Tempered by only recent expedient political considerations, this policy remains, unchanged. Pollard was vilified in the juryless court, in spite of the reality, that at the time of the legal proceedings against him, it was so undeniable that Pollard had no desire to harm the United States, that the official indictment, submitted to the court, says specifically just that! Pollard's enemies were and are, impervious to the fact, that publicly verified indications, that Pollard hurt American security, were non existent, as they are today. Comments, by former Senate Intelligence Committee member, Angelo Codevilla, which dealt with the Pollard Affair, reflect this dearth of incriminating evidence. When asked if there are undisclosed acts which Pollard committed, which caused harm to American security, he replied, "No, that is something I can be absolutely certain about. Because I know what the classification system… allowed  Jonathan Pollard, to see, to have and to give…. He was after all merely an analyst, and analysts do not have access to methods and sources of intelligence."  "These are wild allegations which make sense only to people who are totally uniformed. Unfortunately, that is the majority of the people." (Voice of Israel, "Should Israel Threaten U.S, to Force Pollard Release?", Gil Hoffman, November 23, 2014) Furthermore, the inability to publically present, provable accusations of acts, harmful, to the security of the United States, after thirty years of revolutionary technical changes, under the guise of security considerations, speaks for itself.

The plight of Jonathan Pollard continues. He himself, described his parole requirements as "embarrassing and humiliating". He is electronically handcuffed. Any time he moves a certain distance from a receiver, the transmitter by which he is legally and physically bounded, is activated. In his recent parole review, he was even given new restrictions! He is now to being prevented from being in the vicinity, of not only the Israeli diplomatic facilities, but in addition, he is not allowed to come close to the Russian, Chinese or South African embassies. This directive, after thirty years of judicial error, specifically, a sentencing based on unsubstantiated accusation of grievous acts of disloyalty, clearly insinuates, without basis, even now, today, that Pollard was guilty of some kind of aid to the Russians, Chinese South Africans and Israelis, that would lead them to cooperate with him, in reward for his past or potential future acts of disloyalty. Clearly, there are those in the American government, who desire that Jonathan Pollard, continue to suffer, be degraded and humiliated, decades after it has never come to light in any provable, verifiable way, what allegations of damage which was done to the security of United States, which justify the punishment received, or the current restrictions with which he is now shackled.

Thus now, one should know that this desire exists, in essence, solely because Jonathan Pollard is a Jew who acted without authorization, to successfully help Israel!  Undoubtedly, aside from the Holocaust, this is the most significant and malicious episode, of anti-Semitism, governmental or otherwise, in the West since...,the Dreyfus Affair, in a France, more than 100 years ago, beset by the anachronistic, monarchical, clerical and militarist elements and thinking, of the period. It is also important to note, that the Pollard Affair, has been part and parcel, and continues to be so, of the most liberal government the United States has ever had, the Obama Administration. President Obama's strident, judicially and morally unjustified comment, about Pollard, in March of 2013, that Pollard "He has committed a serious crime", does not fall too short in meaning and significant, from the remarks of the American ambassador in Tel Aviv, mentioned above, in the service of a much more conservative administration. Furthermore, it is rather remarkable, that at the time those words were spoken, for the efficacy of Jews of the Israeli television audience, as well as other Jewish viewers, the honorable President did not sense, that those capable of a more deeper sense of Jewish or general thinking, than those invited to White House Chanuka parties, would some day find those words more than just a little disingenuous.

One can even hear the words of Alfred Dreyfus, annunciated deep within the heart and soul of Jonathan Pollard." If the Republic of the United States of America gives me back my freedom, it means nothing to me without my honor. From today onward, I shall continue to seek recognition of the atrocious judicial error of which I am the victim. I want the world to understand that I did nothing harm the security of the United States".  This article is only an encouragement to enable Jews, in regard to Jonathan Pollard, to do the right thing. For those who do not independently possess that motivation, this article will have little meaning. They, in perhaps an effort motivated to escape from how the affair impinges, personally on them, will remain ineffectual and peripheral in alleviating, the continuing sad saga of the Pollard affair. For those who have a genuine Jewish, human heart, they will pursue the truth and demand justice for Jonathan Pollard who is still very much alone in his struggle. This is in spite of the reality that he has been struggling for, and is continuing to struggle, for the whole Jewish People .Perhaps the words of Micah, the Prophet, say it best. "He has spoken to you, humanity, as to what is good and what He demands from you, 'Do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your G-d'."(Micah, chapter 6, verse 8)


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On the chutzpah of xtian-loving wine makers of the Shomron

B"H - The "political reasons" given to Tura Winery owners Vered and Erez Ben-Saadon are not necessary those indicated in the article. The real reasons might include the fact that these greedy producers of wine instead of supporting their local communities with the activity prefer to employ foreign labor, especially those xtians who offer their work for free to many wineries of the area for their own, second coming of their man-god worshiping rhetoric, effectively pricing our own Jewish workforce out from their jobs. As the grapes are harvested to show the Jews how good this JC is, boycott of these wines seems to be a proper course of action, to limit the phenomena. Every year more than 500 volunteers are shipped in according to the Hayovel xtian ministry's web-site, which is not a marginal number and the damage caused to our communities is huge. Also, as the grapes are harvested as part of their worshiping, the kosher certification of these wines seems to be VERY problematic as well, as we are not allowed to benefit from such an activity.

- This is a comment on Israeli wine guide boycotts Judea and Samaria
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On Israeli president Mr. Rivlin was called "fuhrer"

B"H - Rivlin is the head of a State that while calling itself "Jewish" and "democratic" commits tremendous crimes against its Jews, Judaism and ultimately against G-d. The son of this father for example, who called Rivlin "Fuhrer", is kidnapped and held against his will without a charge by the State's secret service and therefore all adjectives are fully legit to describe the president, even if this is unpleasant to hear for some. Yet, Mr. Rivlin does look and act like a goy (a non-Jew).

- This is a comment on Hateful post by suspected Jewish terrorist's father calls Rivlin 'Fuhrer'

Question: Is Israel the "Only democracy in the Middle East"?

B"H - Answer: Well, it seems that another dirty Zionist lie has just been busted: After all the State of Israel is not the "Only democracy in the Middle East"! They don't only refuse Torah Law, which is bad enough by itself, they fail even respecting their own, man-made laws: This secular State of Thugs must be repealed and replaced with a decent, Jewish one! And Now is already too late.

- This is a comment on Public official speaks about Shin Bet Dawabshe investigation for first time
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Protecting the enemy, as the IDF does, is not morality, it's immorality! Destroying an enemy and winning a war for good is morality.

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The State of Israel: A secularist nightmare

B"H - Articles like these only prove, as if there was a need for proof, that the State is not only not Jewish, but deeply, intimately and intrinsically anti-Semitic, anti-Torah and ultimately anti-G-d, overtaken by a secularist design, by a replacement theology that defeats its very purpose, to be a home for Jews on the Land of Israel. Running this secularist State is not a mitzvah and Jews are required to disengage from this dangerous impostor that uses the Jewish narrative and Jewish symbols to deceive.

- This is a comment on Jewish terrorism: The missing link
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